A Little Time and a Keyboard: Football Ornament Paper Craft

Football Ornament Paper Craft

Saturday, October 24, 2015

My daughter really loves working on paper crafts so one afternoon we whipped out some fun football paper and made an easy football paper ornament. We actually constructed a similar ornament for Christmas, so this go around was pretty easy but just as much fun! A cure for late afternoon boredom!

To make the craft, you will need festive football cardstock (JoAnn's has quite a collection to choose from), a ruler, pencil, scissors, stapler and string or ribbon. To begin, you will want to measure out your strips. We measured out 7 strips, each 1" wide.

The lengths varied in order to make the rounded ornament appearance. We measured out two 9" long strips, two 8" long strips, two 7" long strips and one 6" long strips.

Then, we took one 9" strip, one 8" strip and one 7" strip. We piled them with the largest on top, smallest on bottom and footballs out. We lined up their tops and stapled them to the top of the 6" strip. Then, we rounded them and stapled the bottoms to the bottom of the 6" strip. We repeated the same thing on the other side.

Lastly, we stapled a string to the top to hang our ornament. Voila! A nice afternoon project and a good one to whip out when watching football!

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