A Little Time and a Keyboard: Wisconsin Dells Treats and Eats

Wisconsin Dells Treats and Eats

Sunday, October 18, 2015

When on a family adventure, one has to stop and eat right? We have a few new-to-us spots in Wisconsin Dells that are great spots for the family to check out:

Cheese Cake Heaven:

When you visit a place with cheesecake in the name, you have to sample one of course! However, Cheese Cake Heaven has much more to offer besides cheesecake. We were looking for a nice place for a quick bite to eat and Cheese Cake have has a surprisingly sizable menu full of salads, sandwiches, flatbreads, soups and more. Plus, there are a number of coffee concoctions as well as ice cream and ice cream concoctions available. Of course, we tried the cheesecake and I really enjoyed it--thick yet creamy! Cheese Cake Heaven has a rolling selection of cheesecakes from a total of 90 and all are made from scratch. Really, a nice little place to stop with the family for a quick bite.

Market Square Cheese:

Plan to spend a little time exploring Market Square Cheese because there is A LOT to look at. By all means, go for the cheese but have fun perusing all of the gift items including preserves, mixes, syrups, meat items, sweets, novelties, toys, homemade fudge and candies and much, much more! There are many items made in Wisconsin, others made elsewhere in the US and others made far away. So, quite the treasure trove!

The star is the enormous selection of Wisconsin cheese available at good prices. What we really loved is that you can sample any cheese. However, the samples are not set out but are freshly sliced JUST FOR YOU! I think this is such a nice touch. Did we come home with any cheese? You bet we did!

Swiss Maid Fudge:

Swiss Maid Fudge is a family-owned candy store that features fresh, handmade candy. Candy is made daily right in front of customers. When I say fresh, I mean fresh and you will not find artificial preservatives in Swiss Maid's candy. A visit to Swiss Maid Fudge is quite a slice of chocolate heaven and you will discover all of the old fashioned candy delights that give you that warm feeling of nostalgia--but they are here now for you to enjoy!

The selection of fudge at Swiss Maid is the largest I have ever seen--so it was hard to choose what to come home with! If you are not a fan of fudge, plenty other of delights will tempt you including brittles, truffles, caramels, nut clusters and more. We enjoyed some samples of brittle during our visit and ended up coming home with one of their specialty fudges--sea salt caramel. Yum!

Of course, kids will get a kick out of seeing candy made in front of their very eyes and parents will have the comfort of knowing the sweet treats are truly homemade. A family-owned business that is so fun for families!

Other Favorites:

In addition to these new finds, we do have some other favorites in the Dells. We love to go to Moosejaw Pizza. Moosejaw has a homey, lodge-like atmosphere that kids love. Parents love the large menu and beer sampler. Even my grandfather looks forward to the beer sampler, so fun for all!

We also love to visit Carr Valley Cheese where there are many samples of cheese. Carr Valley specializes in many artisan cheeses, so a real adventure!

There are quite a few choices in the Dells and things have quite expanded since I was a child and visited during summer vacations at my grandparents. So, plenty of room for exploration on future visits!

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