A Little Time and a Keyboard: Chicago Wolves Games Put Excitement in a Winter's Day

Chicago Wolves Games Put Excitement in a Winter's Day

Thursday, December 3, 2015

GO WOLVES! Believe it or not in all of our years here in Chicago suburbia, we never attended a Chicago Wolves game until this past November. Wow--we were missing a show! I have never witnessed a crowd as alive as one at a Wolves game! With all of the excitement, the game and family entertainment, a Wolves game is a lively way for families to spend a winter afternoon. Just what we all need during a Chicago winter!

Pregame Fun!

During our visit, the Chicago Wolves hosted a special theme event--Star Wars Day! Star Wars fun was threaded throughout the experience beginning with a special event before the game including Jedi training, visits with characters and a meet and greet with Taylor Gray who voices Ezra in Star Wars: Rebels. Part of the package included a light saber, so kids enjoyed keeping them at the ready for the entire afternoon--even flashing them during the game which added to the theatrics we would enjoy later! Truly a fun event especially with the new Star Wars movie coming out!

Star Wars characters were also available in the arena before the game for quick pics. Of course, mascot Skates made an appearance as well!

Ready for the game!

The earlier excitement continued throughout the game. We navigated towards our seats immediately mesmerized by the Wolves Blimp dropping prizes! Yes--a blimp--in a hockey rink--dropping prizes! Honestly, watching the blimp is a riot in itself--the prizes just an added bonus. The blimp delighted the crowd so much building enthusiasm for the beginning of the game! Every time the blimp came out, cheers emanated!

Walking in, I noticed most of the arena should have a wonderful view and the rink is certainly beautiful from above. However, our seats close to the action really gave us an unparalleled experience nearly putting us in the action. Well, actually really putting us in the action since a puck landed a few seats down from ours!

Games blaze from the beginning with fireworks as players enter the ice. The display is pretty awesome and gets the house jumping! We could even feel warmth from the fire!

Extra fun for the audience is adeptly incorporated within the game and during intermissions. I have always found hockey games pretty fluid and fun to watch. However, fun opportunities to win prizes really kept the crowd jumping--even for those not participating! All sorts of little games like passing a pizza box really revved up the crowd!

Skates, the Chicago Wolves mascot, injects a bit of hilarity into games. Children cannot resist trying to spy Skates and he easily elicits smiles and laughs from the crowd!

Hockey is fast paced, so very fun to watch! As a parent, it was enjoyable to see the children really get involved in rooting for the team. They really light up! Overall a wonderful family experience and a fabulous way to spend a winter afternoon. GO WOLVES!

To know:
  • Navigating the Allstate Arena is pretty easy and there are plenty of employees to help out.
  • Concessions and restrooms are easy to find.
  • Take a peek ahead to learn about special events. Star Wars Day was so much fun!
  • January tends to be BORING! The heard of winter is a fabulous time to enjoy a game!
  • There are various ticket packages and group ticket options available.
  • Before the game, your family can choose players and play in Fantasy Hockey.
  • For more fun games, check the Fans Den.
**Disclosure: My family did receive complimentary admission to a recent Chicago Wolves Game and Star Wars Day in order to bring you this review. No other compensation was received. All opinions are 100% my own.

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