A Little Time and a Keyboard: Anna Shea Chocolates: A Chocolate Gem in South Barrington

Anna Shea Chocolates: A Chocolate Gem in South Barrington

Saturday, February 6, 2016

**Disclosure: No compensation was received for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.

Whenever we visit The Arboretum Shops in South Barrington, we cannot resist a stop inside of Anna Shea Chocolates. Right in the middle of an outdoor mall, Anna Shea continually delights visitors with inventive artisanal chocolates crafted right on the premises. Not something you expect to find in a mall!

The stars of Anna Shea easily are the masterfully crafted bonbons. Each is expertly adorned. Flavors include perennial favorites like Caramel de Chocolat and truly inventive creations like Krystal's Banana Foster. On every visit, we are welcomed by some chocolates on Anna Shea's regular line up as well as seasonal selections. So, you can easily find old favorites and something new at the same time. I do enjoy the caramels at Anna Shea and love the novelty of the flavors. If you are expecting dark chocolate, however, I have not found one that is as dark as I normally prefer. There are plenty of other choices to please that sweet tooth,though!

Anna Shea also has other indulgences including gelato, cupcakes, crafted coffees, teas, hot chocolates and more. You can even kick back with a glass of wine with your chocolate. In the chocolate shop, you will find other chocolate favorites like chocolate covered oreos, chocolate bars and more.

During our visit, we stopped for a little coffee. I tried the Nutella Latte. I think that I probably did not choose the best coffee to see what Anna Shea can do. The drink was pleasant, but not sensational. After reflecting on the menu, some of the other lattes sound like they would pack a better punch. So, a nice warm up but I think one of the other creations would be more decadent.

What I really love about Anna Shea is that it is always trying something new. There is always a new artisansal chocolate created right in the shop. Anna Shea is pretty adventurous--so always fun to check out. The lounge is also a fun space complete with a portion you can rent out. While it can often get busy, the lounge can be a nice area to sit. In general, a fun place to visit while at The Arboretum Shops.

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