A Little Time and a Keyboard: Chocolatines: A Chocolate Discovery in Schaumburg

Chocolatines: A Chocolate Discovery in Schaumburg

Friday, March 4, 2016

Chocolatines Chocolate Box

Hidden in an industrial area of Schaumburg is a chocolate secret: Chocolatines. Everyone needs a little chocolate spoiling from time to time and Chocolatines is a local place to do it. The spartan surroundings of Chocolatines gives way to a haven of chocolate luxury once you enter the shop.

Luxurious chocolate locally made in Schaumburg, Illinois.

Creativity, temptation and artistry are all wrapped in Chocolatines' creations. The store is small but we were quickly amazed by how many creations were presented. Each chocolate bon bon certainly is a piece of artwork--breathtaking.

Chocolatines bon bons

We were immediately enamored with the bon bons. But, we soon learned of Chocolatines' many other creations. We nibbled on samples of  Chocolatines' many bark types including some quite inventive ones--Matcha Green Tea & Sesame Bark, Genmai Bark, a Bleu Cheese Bark (I can't remember the exact name for this one) and more. My favorite is the Genmai Bark featuring roasted brown rice! Chocolate dipped oranges, pretzels, bacon and more--something to tempt everyone!

We happened to visit Chocolatines during a special open house--so there was a little fun going on! Chocolatines' owner and staff are incredibly gracious. The owner demonstrated how to make hot cocoa with her ingenuitive hot cocoa sticks complete with high quality chocolate and a marshmallow in the middle. With many flavors to choose from, the hot cocoa sticks would make an indulgent addition to a sleepover party or a fabulous gift.

Chocolate bon bons from Chocolatines

A turn about the store revealed many treasures including chocolate shoes!
Chocolate Shoes
Oh la la! Chocolate shoes!
After pausing to absorb all of the delights, we opted to purchase the Genmai Bark and a box of four bon bons. The care with assembling the box of bon bons was like no other I have seen--very impressive and indicative of the pride that Chocolatines takes in its products.

Genmai Chocolate Bark from Chocolatines
Genmai Chocolate Bark! Yum!
We visited Chocolatines the day before the Oscars. Chocolatines creations have been included in several Oscars gift bags including this year's. After playing a fun little "Guess Who Will Win" game, we received samples of the Chocolatines decadence featured in the 2016 Oscar grab bag: Drunken Fig Cake Bites. The samples were cutely packaged in a little golden box. A piece of the Oscars to take home! Nice touch--and, yes, they were yum!

Drunken Fig Brownie Bites from the Oscar Grab Bag.
Drunken Fig Bites: A piece of the Oscars.
The quality of Chocolatines' confections is worth exploration. Amazing locally made chocolates with a huge 'wow' factor! Chocolatines chocolate is the type for a special occasion or gift--not an everyday chocolate. We will certainly spoil ourselves with this treat again!

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  1. That peppermint shoe is everything! Love it. I have to go check them out in Schaumburg.

    1. They are amazing and totally hidden away! Plus, who can resist enjoying some chocolate from the chocolatier that makes treats for the Oscars?