A Little Time and a Keyboard: Art Walk Throughout Naperville

Art Walk Throughout Naperville

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Pedestrian Bridge over DuPage River in Naperville
Naperville Riverwalk
On its own, the Naperville Riverwalk provides for a charming meander along the DuPage River. While walking along the Riverwalk, you will quickly discover more of Naperville's charm. Threaded throughout the village are works of art including mosaics, statues, reliefs, murals and more. These pieces comprise Naperville's Century Walk, a public art initiative which began in 1996.

Plow Sculpture honoring pioneers in Naperville

The walk includes over 40 pieces of art, so we are always discovering something new during each visit to Naperville. Much of the art represents portions of Naperville's history including the plow above commemorating the pioneer farms that originally settled in the area.

Genevieve statue outside Barnes and Noble Naperville
Genevieve sits outside of Barnes and Noble.
Walking around Naperville becomes somewhat of a treasure hunt while looking for artwork. Statues like sweet Genevieve sitting outside of Barnes and Noble may be a bit more noticeable at first. Further exploration reveals murals, mosaics and reliefs on buildings--some tucked away.

A City in Transit mural in Naperville

While crossing one street, we noted the A City in Transit mural. On the parking deck, we uncovered a Cars of the Century mosaic full of brilliant colors. A treasure everywhere!

Cars of the Century Stained Glass Mural Naperville
Cars of the Century
We are quite the amblers, so we enjoy stumbling upon the works on our trips to Naperville. The Century Walk does have an audio tour through QR codes at each piece. Plus, there is an interactive map on the website that will help you map out your walks.

River of Life mosaic in Naperville
River of Life mosaic
The art represents the people and events the make the fabric of Naperville.

Veterans Valor Statue Naperville
Veterans' Valor
During our walk in Naperville, we also took some time to admire views of the Millennium Carillon in Moser Tower. Visitors can walk up to the top of the tower or ride an elevator midway up for some great views. On clear days, visitors may even see the Chicago skyline. The tower is actually taller than the Statue of Liberty. Wow! The tower was built to celebrate the new millennium and the carillon is the fourth largest in the world.

Millennium Carillon on Naperville Riverwalk
Millennium Carillon
With so many beautiful days ahead, there will be many more opportunities to explore Naperville. When the sun is out, we have a hard time resisting a walk around town. Very beautiful!

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