A Little Time and a Keyboard: Village Green in Northbrook

Village Green in Northbrook

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Large Playground at The Village Green in Northbrook

One of our go to park destinations for a little stretch of the legs and some fresh air is Village Green in Northbrook. A sizable playground area, nice walking path and proximity to ice cream make it a fun way to break up a day!

Flowing Stream at The Village Green in Northbrook

We usually begin our visit with a walk around the grounds. While not a particularly long walk, even a short walk around provides for a pleasant amble. There is a stream along one edge of the park. On this particular excursion, we found a delightful family of geese. Most visits, we walk around a few times.

Goose family at The Village Green in Northbrook

Also, be on the look out for the War Memorial honoring Northbrook's heroes lost in combat.

Northbrook War Memorial

Pledge of Allegiance Statue Village Green, Northbrook

There are several statues in the park, a baseball diamond, a gazebo and picnic tables. Across the street from the park you will find dining options including local favorite Little Louie's known for hot dogs, fries and more, Leonidas with hot chocolate, pastries, waffles, chocolates and other delights, Graeter's serving up ice cream and other selections for a meal or a treat.

Boy reading statue Northrbook

Gazebo at the park Village Green Northbrook

The playground area offers activities for a variety of ages. Parks sometimes only fit one age group but this one appeals to most ages. Also, there are restrooms nearby which is a huge plus! The village does hold many events in the park, so be on the lookout for offerings!

Slides, swings and more at Village Green, Northbrook

Really, a lovely park to keep on your list when you have a spare afternoon!

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