A Little Time and a Keyboard: LEGO Americana Roadshow Coming to Northbrook Court June 18-July 4

LEGO Americana Roadshow Coming to Northbrook Court June 18-July 4

Saturday, June 11, 2016

US Capitol Building built from Legos
U.S. Capitol Building and Supreme Court. Image courtesy of Flashpoint PR.
Just in time to celebrate America's birthday, the LEGO Americana Roadshow featuring large scale LEGO replicas of iconic American structures is coming to Northbrook Court in Northrbook, IL! The event will run June 18, 2016 - July 4, 2016 during regular mall hours.

Statue of Liberty from Legos
Statue of Liberty Image courtesy of Flashpoint PR
Supreme Court Building constructed from Legos
U.S. Supreme Court. Image courtesy of Northbrook Court.
The show will feature 10 landmarks crafted by LEGO Master Builders including: the U.S. Capitol Building, Lincoln Memorial, White House, Washington Monument, Supreme Court, Jefferson Memorial, Independence Hall, Statue of Liberty, Liberty Bell and Old North Church. Monuments will be found throughout the mall. The display will include interesting facts alongside the impressive structures. Visitors will also enjoy a fun scavenger hunt focusing on the display and a LEGO play area. Those who complete the scavenger hunt will get a prize!

The event is FREE, so a great diversion for the family over the next couple of weeks!

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