A Little Time and a Keyboard: 5 Places in Northern Illinois That Are Not Flat

5 Places in Northern Illinois That Are Not Flat

Monday, September 19, 2016

Living in Northern Illinois, I sometimes get a little bored with the flat landscape. Good thing there are a few places we can visit that have a little more topography. Here are five ideas for refreshing and recharging with slightly different topography than what is typical in Northern Illinois:

1. Starved Rock and Matthiesson State Parks: Both located in Utica, each park features canyons, cliffs, bluffs and waterfalls. The stunning environs invite wandering and contemplation.

2. Sagawau Canyon: Sagawau Canyon in Lemont treats visitors to unique rock formations. A particularly fragile environment, visitors have access to the canyon during scheduled tours spring through fall. Check website for more information.

3. Casper Bluff: In Galena, Casper Bluff provides amazing views of the Mississippi River up above. The hiking is not particularly difficult, but the vantage point of the river is spectacular.

Waterfall in Darien, IL
Darien's waterfall is perfect for a little serenity.
4. Waterfall Glen: Darien is home to a lovely waterfall originally constructed by the Civilian Conservation Corps. Ridges in the preserve add more relief and variety to a visit. Darien is not too far from Lemont, so it is possible to visit both Sagawau Canyon and Waterfall Glen on the same day.

5. Apple River Canyon State Park: Bluffs, rivers and canyons make this slice of Northwestern a fresh change of pace from prairies and farmland. A hike up the bluff provides a little challenge but rewards with tranquility.

5 Places in Northern Illinois that are not Flat

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