A Little Time and a Keyboard: Argentinian Flare at Artistic Cuisine

Argentinian Flare at Artistic Cuisine

Friday, September 23, 2016

Artistic Cuisine Argentinian Restaurant in Palatine, IL
Artistic Cuisine Argentinian Restaurant in Palatine, IL. Image courtesy of Artistic Cuisine.
Artistic Cuisine is a gem hiding in Palatine. A friend recommended it to me a few years ago and I am sad that it took us about a year to visit--it is that good. The menu is quite creative and a fresh departure from much of what we see in the Chicago suburbs. The Argentinian flavors are amazing and the care in crafting each dish is evident.

Pollo al Mattone at Artistic Cuisine
Pollo Al Mattone
Artistic Cuisine's menu is fairly large and has something for everyone. In addition to Latin flavors, Artistic also plays around with European favorites. I have enjoyed everything I have had here but usually steer towards the chicken dishes: Pollo Al Diablo or Pollo Al Mattone. Out of their brick oven comes some masterful dishes. Above is the Pollo Al Mattone with a wonderful balance of vegetation with the main entree. (Ok, I am partial to potatoes. But, who doesn't love them out of the brick oven?) The Pollo Al Diablo is spicier than the Pollo Al Mattone, so my desired for a little more spice helps me decide which to order.

Chicken empanada at Artistic Cuisine
Chicken empanada
Handcrafted empanadas are a house specialty. With a variety of fillings, it is challenging to choose one. We settled on the chicken which was filled with tender, seasoned meat. Delicious!

Pot Roast at Artistic Cuisine
Pot Roast
For my husband's dinner, he went for the Argentinian pot roast. The pot roast was incredibly tender and perfectly seasoned. We both love this dish--and I normally don't eat beef!

We have savored a few other options on the menu on other visits including the salmon, ravioli, steak and various salads. With a brick oven, pizzas are also a favorite here. The cafe is quaint and intimate enough for a date night. We have brought our 11-year-old daughter in the past, but rather keep this nook as a date night location. Order out is available and we have ordered and eaten our dinner at home before. A wonderful little local treasure worthy of investigation!

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