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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Veggie Pho at Pho An is full of good veggies and nutrients.

Last spring, we tried pho for the very first time while on a road trip. Immediately hooked, we knew that we needed to find a local place for pho. Fortunately, one opened up right in our hometown: Pho An Heights. On our first visit, we fell right in love with the place. So, in the span of two months we have enjoyed Pho An's pho four times. Yum!

Spring roll full of veggies and shrimp at Pho An in Arlington Heights.
Spring roll full of veggies and shrimp.
The restaurant is very clean with a sleek and modern feel. I know that we can all appreciate that in a fast casual restaurant! The menu includes selections other than pho including spring rolls, bahn mi and bulgogi. I did try the spring rolls and quite enjoyed them. They were full of shrimp and fresh veggies including peppers wrapped in rice paper.

Veggie Pho at Pho An is full of bok choy, onions, fried tofu and more veggies!
Veggie Pho at Pho An is full of bok choy, onions and fried tofu!
Of course, we came for the pho! I had hoped that they would have pho ga with chicken but unfortunately that is one thing lacking on Pho An's menu. However, I had the veggie pho and loved it so much that I have had it during each of our visits. It has a nice helping of veggies including baby bok choy. As you can see, portions are large. Generally, I finish all of the veggies and tofu when I eat at the restaurant. The dish is so filling that I have some broth and noodles to bring home. When I heat them up, I add more veggies.

Brisket Pho at Pho An in Arlington Heights.
Yummy Brisket Pho.
My husband loves the brisket pho. He usually finishes it while we are Pho An. I don't know how he does it! Served with the pho are fresh bean sprouts, cilantro and lime wedges. We normally have to ask for a few more lime wedges and they are more than accommodating.

We feel very fortunate to have Pho An around the corner! We service is quick, pho is certainly more nutritious than other quick options. Plus, I have found that it helps with colds. So great to know now that we are in cold season!

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