A Little Time and a Keyboard: Christkindlmarket in Naperville, IL

Christkindlmarket in Naperville, IL

Monday, December 5, 2016

Christkindlmarket in Naperville, IL puts families in the holiday mood with dazzling ornaments, wood creations, ambiance and more!

Now that December is here, holiday merriment is in full swing! This year marks the first year that they Christkindlmarket is in Naperville. There is a larger one in Chicago, but it is certainly a nice holiday treat without having to go to the city!

Christkindlmarket creations from all over the world dazzle in Naperville, IL.
Christkindlmarket creations from all over the world dazzle.

Before this weekend, I had not been to a Christkindlmarket in quite some time. My goal was to get a pretzel---which I did. But, I also wanted a chance to revel in a jubilant atmosphere and the Christkindlmarket definitely rose to the challenge!

Christkindlmarket is bustling with holiday merriment in Naperville, IL.

This year's Christkindlmarket resides in Naper Settlement alongside historical buildings. There are tours available at the Victorian mansion during the Christkindlmarket. Twinkling lights and intricate glass ornaments will cause you to pause while strolling through. We spied amazing creations from Germany, Slovakia, Austria and the USA.

Dangling glass ornaments make guests take pause strolling through Christkindlmarket.
Dangling glass ornaments make guests take pause strolling through Christkindlmarket.
A few tents afforded a break from the winter wind while simultaneously dazzling us with glass ornaments, intricate woodwork designs, cuckoo clocks and more. One tent was full of chocolate delights but the line to enter was pretty long so we skipped it -- we were a bit chilly!

Intricate woodwork crafted in Germany is awe inspiring at Christkindlmarket in Naperville, IL.
Intricate woodwork crafted in Germany is awe inspiring.

There are a number of food tents with German treats including yummy pretzels, pierogies, potato pancakes, brats and roasted nuts. Of course, there are beer tents and tents for cider and hot chocolate. Speaking of beer, there are gorgeous steins as well!

Hot pretzels entice at Christkindlmarket in Naperville, IL.
While many of the products sold are made in Germany, there are vendors selling products made in the U.S.A. and Canada as well. Some have items from various countries. Most items appeared well marked, so you can make an informed purchase.

Naper Lights is a jubilant walk through light display in Naperville, IL.

Naper Lights also infuses more cheer into the event. The walk through light display provides extra holiday merriment and even some photo opportunities for families.

Vibrant lights adorn the ChristmasTree at Naper Settlement.

Christkindlmarket and Naper Lights provided for a jovial evening adventure for us! A lovely way to revel in the holiday spirit -- and perhaps accomplish holiday shopping!

Hours: Thursdays 11AM-7PM; Fridays & Saturdays 11AM-9PM; Sundays 11AM-6PM; Special hours December 19-23 -- open each day 11AM-9PM; December 24 11AM-4PM

  • Grab a brochure to identify booths you would like to visit
  • Be prepared to wait in line.
  • Christkindlmarket was quite crowded during our visit so may be difficult to navigate with strollers.
  • Within the tents, there are many glass ornaments easily within  reach so you really will need to watch young children.
  • There is a pay-for-parking area. If you go just beyond, you may find free street parking.
  • Admission is free.


  1. This looks like an amazing experience for families. I wonder if we will see more smaller areas do this type of thing. I'm seeing quite a few of these popping up this season. Great post.

    1. I think they will be popping up. The challenge is sometimes they compete with area small businesses. So, that needs to be managed. Maybe they can do a better job of incorporating local vendors from the actual towns they are in?

  2. I'd love to visit a Christmas Market! If only just for the pretzels. :)

    1. Lol! We ended up just getting pretzels. But, the ornaments are certainly tempting.

  3. I love Christmas Markets! Did you buy anything? I tend to always just pig out on all the different yummy treats!

    1. We just had pretzels this go around. Nothing like a fresh hot pretzel! The ornaments look great so I will probably get one next year for a gift. We already had most of our shopping finished by our visit.