A Little Time and a Keyboard: Whale Watching in Iceland

Whale Watching in Iceland

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Whale watching in Reykjavik, Iceland

A visit to Iceland provides a magnificent opportunity to witness whales and dolphins out in the wild. During one of our visits, we experienced a whale watching tour with Elding in Reykjavik. Elding has been giving tours from Reykjavik since 2000. My first word of advice for your whale watching tour is to bundle up because it is quite cold in the North Atlantic!

Wearing warm overalls for our whale watching tour in Iceland.
Wearing warm overalls for our whale watching tour.
Before the tour, guests meet in a small museum prior to boarding the ship. On the boat, you can put on warm overalls and boots. Totally snazzy and warm! There are components of the boat that are inside and outside. My daughter was quite young at the time, so we did spend some time inside. One of the first wonders we witnessed was nearby Puffin Island. Entirely exhilarating to see so many puffins fluttering around! During the summer season, Elding has a separate tour to Puffin Island.

Puffins flying around at Puffin Island in Reykjavik, Iceland.
Puffins flying all around!
The crew is very skilled in spotting dolphins and whales. Three dolphins surfaced very close to the boat. Breathtaking!

Dolphins swimming about our boat in Iceland.
Dolphins swimming about our boat in Iceland.
We did see several whales very close to the ship including minke whales and a humpback whale. Fin whales, killer whales and blue whales may also be seen in these northern waters. An amazing experience! I did have a partially blocked view because we did not park out a spot on deck in the interest of keeping our daughter inside. But, I did have a peek and that was still amazing!

Minke whale in Iceland
Minke whale
The trip back allows for a lovely view of the world's northernmost capital city. Truly an unforgettable adventure and a perfect excursion to add to your nature exploration in Iceland!

Things to know:

  • The boat does have a light cafe with treats and warm beverages.
  • Binoculars may be useful.
  • There is a restroom on board.
  • The tour is three hours. If you have a late flight, you may be to take a whale tour in the morning before heading to the airport. The airport is about 45 minutes from Reykjavik and figure arriving at least 2 hours before your flight. We usually plan on 3 just in case.

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