A Little Time and a Keyboard: Pottery Museum of Red Wing

Pottery Museum of Red Wing

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Pottery Museum of Red Wing, Minnesota

Pottery is an important part of Red Wing, Minnesota history. The industry flourished there from 1877-1967. Red Wing Stoneware and Pottery still manufactures pottery in Red Wing to this day. So, a visit to the Pottery Museum of Red Wing is essential to understanding Red Wing history.

Red Wing Pottery Cannisters and Jugs

The museum houses over 6,000 items. Until visiting the museum, I truly had no idea the sheer number of styles and uses of pottery. It was pretty interesting to learn a little about how specific containers were designed to hold various substances like flour, vinegar, honey, etc.

Broken pottery from Red Wing, Minnesota found by anthropologist

I fell in love with the pottery wall which gave a peek at what was discovered where potters cast off damaged pottery. Some really neat pieces each shedding light on the range of both creativity and usefulness of pottery.

Detailed general store in Red Wing, Minnesota

The museum also had a neat general store set up. I love these peeks into the past. I love the cash register!

Molds for pottery at the Pottery Museum of Red Wing

We also enjoyed a peek at some of the molds used for various styles of pottery.

The World's Largest Jugs in Red Wing, Minnesota

In addition to being the home of the World's Largest Boot, Red Wing is also home to the World's Largest Jugs.

Red Wing Stone Ware Company

The museum does have a store. However, I recommend the Red Wing Stoneware & Pottery Retail Store where you may even be able to catch viewing production through the window. They also have a seconds section where you might find something nice at a discount. Their stoneware is amazing -- so be prepared to shop! The museum is free, so I recommend donating a few dollars to help maintain this treasure. Then, pick up some pottery as your made in Red Wing memento!

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