A Little Time and a Keyboard: Quick Visit to Lake City, Minnesota

Quick Visit to Lake City, Minnesota

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Chickadee Cottage Cafe in Lake City, Minnesota

During our Red Wing weekend, we drove a long Highway 61 enjoying views of the Mississippi River and bluffs as well as a peek at some towns along the way. We stopped in Lake City for lunch at the Chickadee Cottage Cafe. The Chickadee is a cute little breakfast and lunch spot. Meals are made from scratch and include salads, sandwiches, soups and seafood specialties. Breakfasts include pancakes, scone, skillets, omelettes and more. Plus, Chickadee has a brunch on Sundays and special dinner on Fridays. For lunch, my daughter and I enjoyed salads:

Quinoa salad at the Chickadee Cottage Cafe

Caesar Salad at the Chickadee Cottage Cafe

My husband had a Cuban sandwich:

Cuban sandwich at Chickadee Cottage Cafe

Excellent food and definitely worth a stop! You can also enjoy a pot of tea while there. The Chickadee also has some baked goods and a gift shop.

Lake Pepin Pearl Button Co in Lake City, Minnesota

After our stop at the gift shop, we headed to Lake Pepin Pearl Button Co. The building once housed a factory for cutting and polishing pearl buttons. Today, it is a store selling antiques, home decor, apparel and more. There is a section where you can learn about the pearl button making history which is pretty interesting.

Mississippi River

We only had a brief amount of time in Lake City before we had to head back to Red Wing. But, it does seem to be nice place to walk around. After our short visit, we headed back to Red Wing on Highway 61 and stopped along the way to enjoy the scenery.  A nice aside!

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