A Little Time and a Keyboard: Artisans at the Bristol Renaissance Faire

Artisans at the Bristol Renaissance Faire

Friday, August 11, 2017

Artisans at Bristol Renaissance Faire

The Bristol Renaissance Faire has no shortage of fun, pageantry and frivolity. However, one element that may get a little over looked is the presence artisans in the market threaded throughout. Quite a number of vendors offer handcrafted items whether it be soaps or garden sculptures or jewelry. In some instances, artisans craft pieces right at the faire. Ducking in and out of the stores is highly recommended as you pass through looking for entertainment. On our recent visit we discovered quite a few artisans including a basket weaver:

Basket weaver crafting at Bristol Renaissance Faire
Basket weaver 
He was crafting is a spot a bit tucked away, so keep your eyes open for artisans during your visit.

Another that we discovered slightly hidden was working on beautiful glass pendants. Artisans in action help spark curiosity into processes that we do not see everyday. Seeing how something is crafted really adds more appreciation to the products. It also gives families insight into processes we do not see everyday and may ignite a passion for the arts.

Potter spinning pottery at the Bristol Renaissance Faire
Potter spinning pottery at the Bristol Renaissance Faire
There are a number of locations to pick up pottery pieces for your home. In one location, a potter worked on spinning pottery providing a great opportunity to learn about pottery and even ask some questions.

Painter working on porcelain art at Bristol Renaissance Faire
Painter working on porcelain art

At another location, we watched as an artist painted intricate designs on porcelain jewelry. The talent is just amazing -- I would have such a difficult time working in such tiny detail especially with visitors wandering around!

Glass blowing at Bristol Renaissance Faire
Artist demonstrating glass blowing at Bristol Renaissance Faire
One show to have on your radar is the glassblowing show. The glass artist has such great talent and his passion for glass art is evident. While demonstrating his art, he provided us with detailed explanation and even took questions from the audience. Glass blowing itself is fun to watch -- to see what is created from molten glass pulled from the furnace. I was actually pretty surprised in the glass creation he was able to craft in a short period of time.

Glass art display
Glass art display
Before or after the glassblowing show, take a peek at the glass art for sale. Beautiful! There are also some glow in the dark mushrooms in a room at the display -- take a peek!

Pewter goblets made in USA at Bristol Renaissance Faire
Pewter goblets made in USA
Other made in USA and locally made items can be found throughout the fair as well including pewter items, wood art, stone art, soaps, candles and more. Some items are clearly labeled, others are not so just ask. But, you will find more items made in the US than you would expect!

Moonie comedy show at Bristol Renaissance Faire

During your Bristol Renaissance Faire visit enjoy the merriment and the shows but also be on the lookout for makers! Enjoy opportunities to see artisans in action to add to your adventure and perusing shops with many wonderfully crafted items. I missed out on this during my first few visits but now we have incorporated into our Bristol days. I look forward to the experience every year!

Artisans crafting at the Bristol Renaissance Faire

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  1. I love visiting Renaissance Faires but it has been years since I've been to one. We have one coming up here in Ohio. I should go and then maybe I can purchase one of those beautiful pumpkins.