A Little Time and a Keyboard: Japanese Tea Garden in Geneva, IL

Japanese Tea Garden in Geneva, IL

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Japanese Tea Garden

Tucked away in Geneva, Illinois is Fabyan Japanese Tea Garden. Fabyan Japanese Tea Garden is part of the Fabyan estate which was once home to wealthy businessman George Fabyan. The estate is on the Fox River and includes Fabyan Villa -- a home that was remodeled by Frank Lloyd Wright, the Fabyan Japanese Tea Garden and Fabyan Windmill. On this visit, we strolled through the Japanese Tea Garden.

Fabyan Villa in Geneva, Illinois

The Japanese Tea Garden is just steps away from Fabyan Villa. The Fabyans hired landscape designer Taro Otsuka to design the garden in 1910. The garden was not maintained after the death of the Fabyans. Fortunately for us, the garden was restored in 1974. The garden is truly incredible and we were immediately amazed by the skill that goes into maintaining the balance of the garden.

Tea House at Fabyan Japanese Tea Garden in Geneva, Illinois
Tea House at Fabyan Japanese Tea Garden 
There is a tea house in the garden. What a beautiful spot for a tea ceremony!

Reflecting pond at Fabyan Japanese Tea Garden
Serene reflection pond
The reflection pond is a stunning spot. The interesting thing about this photo it looks cloudy but it actually wasn't. There were a number of frogs around the pond. My husband and daughter had fun spotting them from the foot bridge.

Graceful Japanese Foot Bridge at Fabyan Japanese Tea Garden
Graceful Japanese Foot Bridge
The foot bridge cuts a graceful figure in the garden. I love how it just flows among the foliage. The boulder "steps" and foot bridge are meant to be a challenge before the enlightenment of the tea ceremony.

Mt. Fuji at Japanese Tea Garden
Mt. Fuji
The garden also incorporates a replica of Mount Fuji. This was a totally unexpected element!

Picnic area Fabyan Forest Preserve
Picnic area
The garden is nestled in a recreational area where families were enjoying picnics.

Fabyan Windmill and the Fox River
Fabyan Windmill and the Fox River
The preserve rests on the Fox River. If you look closely, you can see the Fabyan Windmill in the distance. The attractions at Fabyan Forest Preserve have limited opening hours, so check the website before visiting. The garden does have a self guided tour that you can pick up at the entrance. Gardeners are available during open hours for questions. Overall, a lovely hidden treasure in the Chicago suburbs waiting for exploration!

Fabyan Japanese Tea Garden in Geneva, IL

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