A Little Time and a Keyboard: Revolutionary War Reenactment at Cantigny Park

Revolutionary War Reenactment at Cantigny Park

Friday, September 29, 2017

Revolutionary War Reenactment Cantigny Park, Wheaton, Illinois

Cantigny Park in Wheaton, Illinois is an incredible treasure with magnificent gardens, the First Division Museum honoring the Army's First Division and the Robert R. McCormick Museum. Colonel McCormick served in the First Division during WW1. He would later become an editor and publisher of the Chicago Tribune. The park and all of its gems are a gift from the Colonel to us!

Tank garden at Cantigny Park
Tank garden inviting exploration
Throughout the year, the park is host to many community events that encourage learning and family fun. There is a French Connection Day in honor of Cantigny in France where McCormick fought in WWI, outdoor movies, art shows, auto shows, reenactments and so much more.

Cannon at Revolutionary War Reenactment at Cantigny Park
Here comes the cannon!
I have been eyeing the Revolutionary War Reenactment for the past couple of years but we seem to normally be busy on the weekend of the event. This year we finally had some time to visit and I have to say I quite enjoyed it. Being from New Jersey and a frequent attendee of the Battle of Monmouth reenactment as a child, it was nice to find a slice of home here.

Walking through the Revolutionary War Encampment
Walking through the Revolutionary War Encampment
The encampment was over a two day span with a schedule of events including battles and demos each day. Walking through the encampment provided a window into the day to day living not only of soldiers' encampments during the war but also colonial life. The interpreters were happy to talk to you and teach you about their roles.

I spoke awhile to one of the women spinning. She taught me about the encampment in which the interpreters stay overnight. For the weekend, the interpreters live as authentically as possible.

We also spoke to a woman that knits caps. They are truly incredible pieces -- entirely beautiful! The interpreter told us quite a bit about women's fashion during the colonial period. We learned a lot that we were not expecting to at a reenactment!

Of course, there was a blacksmith! We enjoyed watching him craft. He explained the process as he created -- pretty interesting!

The encampment was lively with a larger variety of interpreters than I was expecting. The experience allowed you to learn about colonial life in addition to the Revolutionary War.

Of course, the reenactment involved quite a few demos including swordsmanship atop a horse, combat maneuvers and more. The encampment provided a well rounded experience and a way that families can see what they learn in history books in action.

Family day exploring the Revolutionary War Reenactment at Cantigny Park.

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