A Little Time and a Keyboard: Halloween Decoration Contest Carol Stream, Illinois

Halloween Decoration Contest Carol Stream, Illinois

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Carol Stream Halloween Decoration Contest 2017

Last night we enjoyed spooky fun by checking out chilling scenes created by Carol Stream, Illinois residents for this year's Halloween Decoration Contest! There are still a couple of more nights to check out the homes. Take a peek at our frightening discoveries if you dare!

One of the first displays we visited was a haunted pirate scene. This display spanned a couple of houses and is incredible:

Pirate Halloween scene in Carol Stream, Illinois

Another favorite display was filled with superheroes and even a Tardis sighting!

Superhero Halloween display

Superhero Halloween display with Tardis

I loved the use of light in this graveyard scene:

Incredible graveyard Halloween scene

My husband, daughter and I all thought that this deadly sea scene was the most inventive. Really, not anything I would have thought of! Pretty cool!

Deadly Halloween ocean scene

The next house is lit up all the way to the top! I love the combination of spooky and frivolity of Halloween!

I love the more simple use of materials and colors at the home below. What an eerie graveyard!

Ghosts in the yard Halloween display

One of the last houses we visited is one that really will blow you away! Known as Canyon Trail Cemetery, the display involves a combination of scenes, light, sound and movement. You will spend some time at this display. They are collecting for dog rescues, so bring a few dollars.

Creepy jack-o-lantern graveyard

Graveyard ghosts

Witches' brew Halloween decor

The Halloween trail was a lot of fun and a great way to celebrate Halloween! When we do drives like this we like to bring along a little hot chocolate for some more fun. You have a few more days for this spooktacular drive! Here is the map: http://carolstreamil.maps.arcgis.com/apps/MapTour/index.html?appid=6a89ca4b9e514ff3b9156cad84ad756b#

Halloween Decoration Contest Carol Stream, Illinois

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