A Little Time and a Keyboard: Dickens Holiday Village in Antioch, Illinois

Dickens Holiday Village in Antioch, Illinois

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Last weekend, we visited Antioch, Illinois to see the annual Dickens Holiday Village. The village features Charles Dickens characters throughout downtown. The figures are crafted by volunteers and add extra charm as you shop the quaint downtown.

Downtown Antioch, Illinois
Downtown Antioch, Illinois
The display is truly an incredible public art exhibition. An incredible amount of work must be involved in putting together this community display. It certainly adds extra holiday charm to the village.

Each of the scenes comes with a plaque introducing us to the characters and the scene.

Dickens characters populate Antioch, Illinois during the holidays

The quality of the costumes are pretty impressive for an outdoor exhibit during the Illinois winter!

We visited briefly so did not have a chance to check out the welcome center. In the welcome center, you can receive a walking brochure and a scavenger hunt.

New this year in Antioch is Kringle's Christmas Village full of shadow boxes depicting Christmas scenes.

Christmas pups shadowbox
Christmas pups shadowbox
I was pretty surprised by how many shadowboxes were in the display each depicting a unique holiday scene.

Here comes Santa!

Santa brings gifts in Antioch, Illinois shadowbox scene

Each scene is adorable and quite a few are surprisingly intricate. The shadowboxes are fairly large. Love the baking scene!

Christmas baking shadowbox in Antioch, Illinois

The event is ongoing for one more week. So head to Antioch this week for some Christmas shopping and enjoy the special decor!

Dickens and Kringle Holiday Villages Antioch, Illinois

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