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Rockford Eateries

Friday, December 8, 2017

Rockford Illinois Eateries

During our visit to Rockford, we were able to check out a few eateries. During our visit, we enjoyed breakfast at one of our favorites -- Rockford staple Stockholm Inn!

Stockholm Inn in Rockford, Illinois

Stockholm Inn is perfect for any Rockford itinerary. Rockford is proud of its Swedish heritage and Stockholm Inn provides the opportunity to enjoy Swedish flavors including Swedish pancakes, lingonberries, kroppkakor (Swedish potato dumplings), kaldolmar (Swedish cabbage rolls) and Swedish meatballs. For our breakfast, we all agreed on one things -- Swedish pancakes! I had mine topped with lingonberries, of course!

Swedish pancakes topped with lingonberries at Stockholm Inn in Rockford, Illinois

I also enjoyed potato pancakes. Another delicious choice! The meals were large and great for starting off a day of exploration!

Potato pancakes at Stockholm Inn
Potato pancakes
While at the Stockholm Inn, visitors should take some time to enjoy the Swedish decor items throughout. I love the home look!

You will see dala horses throughout. Dala horses are traditional carved and painted horses from Sweden. I brought one home as a souvenir on my first visit to Rockford.

Dala Horse at the Stockholm Inn in Rockford, Illinois

After breakfast, we visited the store which is home to decor items, books, gifts, food items and more from Scandinavia.
Scandivanian steins, books, gifts and more.
Scandivanian steins, books, gifts and more.

Lovely Scandinavian holiday decorations.
Lovely Scandinavian holiday decorations.

Scandinavian home decor

The gift shop contains quite a few Scandinavian delights including lingonberries and baked items.

Scandinavian treats at the Stockholm Inn in Rockford, Illinois
Scandinavian treats
More lovely Dala Horses

For lunch, we ate at Taco Betty's which serves up modern, inventive taco and burrito combinations. I had the mushroom mole tacos which were incredible. Loved the veggies on the side!

Mushroom tacos at Taco Betty's in Rockford, IL

My husband enjoyed a pork and takis burrito.

 pork and takis burrito

My daughter loved the pork and pineapple tacos! We actually went to another taco restaurant the following week and she had to have pork tacos because she loved the pork taco at Taco Betty's so much!

 pork and pineapple tacos at Taco Betty

During Stroll on State, we tried Sisters Thai Cafe. Once again, we enjoyed great meals and appreciated the healthy amount of vegetables in our dishes!

Garlic Chicken at Sisters Thai Cafe:

Curry at Sisters Thai Cafe:

Of course, we did have to have some coffee while in town! Cue Rockford Roasting Company which roasts its own coffee in Rockford!

Coffee roasting right in Rockford at Rockford Roasting Company
Coffee roasting right in Rockford!
I picked up a mocha latte to go. Yum!

Yummy mocha lattes from Rockford Roasting Company

What a great visit to Rockford including some yummy finds!

Thank you to Go Rockford for hosting our visit to Rockford, Illinois for Stroll on State!  Our meal at Stockholm Inn was complimentary. No other compensation was received. All opinions are 100% my own.

Rockford, Illinois Eateries

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