A Little Time and a Keyboard: A Taste of Hoosier National Forest

A Taste of Hoosier National Forest

Friday, January 5, 2018

Exploring Hoosier National Forest near French Lick, Indiana

During our French Lick, Indiana escape, we explored sections of Hoosier National Forest. The forest is 203,000 acres, so there are quite a few trails to be explored. We made a slight dent! What we experienced certainly indicates that the forest is worthy of more exploring!

Pines in Hoosier National Forest in French Lick, Indiana
Pines rise above!
Hilly terrain meant that some trails were steep in areas. The first trail we hiked started near French Lick Resort's golf course. When you reach the trail head, you will immediate notice hilly terrain. The trail is not difficult but may be a bit of challenge for some in some areas. There are a couple of loops to it and one takes you to a waterfall. We did not manage to make it to the waterfall due to time constraints but enjoyed that late fall scenery.

Fall light in the Hoosier National Forest
Lovely fall light in the trees.
We benefited from the lack of foliage and were able to see bits of rock formations. We also saw deer.

Rocks in Hoosier National Forest

A little bit of a drive away we found Springs Valley Lake. The view was spectacular!

 Stunning Springs Valley Lake surrounded by fall color in Hoosier National Forest Indiana

Once again, the late fall hues were subtle yet lovely in the sun.

Springs Valley Lake in Hoosier National Forest under a late fall sun

We did see some nice rock outcroppings along the lake.

Rock outcrops at Springs Valley Lake in Hoosier National Forest Indiana

The forest is truly incredible! The Springs Valley Lake area also has a boat launch. There are also areas for horse riding and mountain bikes. Sections of the trails are along the old buffalo trace that bison would use to migrate.

Rustic trail in Hoosier National Forest

Hoosier National Forest is entirely captivating. We look forward to exploring other segments of the expansive forest and uncover the natural treasures that await!

Hiking Hoosier National Forest near French Lick, Indiana

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