A Little Time and a Keyboard: 5 Items I Can't Travel Without

5 Items I Can't Travel Without

Saturday, January 27, 2018

5 Items I Can't  Travel Without

I have seen some fun lists about what people can't travel without, so I thought I would share mine. These lists are useful for discovering new hacks for your next trip. Here are 5 items I always bring on a trip:

  • Long socks: No matter the season, I bring at least 2 pairs of long socks. Even in the summer, I often feel cold in the hotel so they come in handy. You may also want longish socks for hiking.
  • Scarf: I bring at least one scarf. Scarves can be useful for dressing up a simple outfit, therefore allowing you to stretch out your wardrobe a little more. No matter the season, I usually find a time when things are bit chilly and the added accessory is useful.
  • Monocular: I purchased a travel monocular for our first trip to Iceland and am so glad that I did! It is small and easily fits in any bag. When hiking, I don't always want to drag along bulky binoculars but it is nice to have something that will let me see birds more up close. I have also used it to spot whales while in Iceland and Alaska.
  • Tea mug: I have several different tea mugs that are designated for travel. One is specially designed for loose leaf and another is for bags. I also bring tea with me depending on destination. 
  • Bobby pins: I used to LOATHE bobby pins. But, I have to say that for me they have been a cure to travel hair. 

What are your must haves for travel?

Favorite items to bring when I travel

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