A Little Time and a Keyboard: Quick Stop at Brewpoint in Elmhurst, Illinois

Quick Stop at Brewpoint in Elmhurst, Illinois

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Brewpoint Coffee House in Elmhurst, Illinois

A few weeks ago, we made a quick coffee stop in Elmhurst, IL and I am so glad that we did! We discovered the treasure that is Brewpoint!

Brewpoint Coffee House menu

The coffee shop was pretty busy when we arrived, so we knew we found a find. We visited their first location. They have two others to check out in Elmhurst as well. Brewpoint has some pretty inventive combos as well as more traditional options. Brewpoint roasts their own coffee, so you know you are getting something special.

On this visit, I ordered my traditional mocha latte. I received my treat with a lovely heart. In addition to coffee, Brewpoint also has donuts from Donut Drop in Schaumburg. They looked amazing, so I will need to try them on another visit.

I love the overall setup at Brewpoint. It was nice and cozy. They even have board games to play! I would like to visit the new location the Workshop and Roastery. Brewpoint also has fun events to check out like music nights, art events and more. What a discovery!

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