A Little Time and a Keyboard: Louisa's and Millie's Chocolates in Downer's Grove

Louisa's and Millie's Chocolates in Downer's Grove

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Louisa's and Millie's Chocolates

Did someone say chocolate? I always find it difficult to pass up local chocolate shops. I have been gradually exploring the chocolate shops in the Chicago suburbs and had the chance to explore Louisa's and Millie's Chocolates in Downer's Grove.  While the storefront looked like the shop could be a little small, I have to say Louisa's and Millie's packs quite a selection of chocolate inside!

Molded chocolate pops at Louisa's and Millie's in Downer's Grove, IL

Louisa's and Millie's is the perfect place to pick up festive molded chocolates. My daughter is a volleyball player, so we immediately honed in on the sports pops. The molds are so fun and would make great favors at a party.

Near the pops, I found a "Golden Ticket." Love it!

My favorite spot was the chocolate counter, of course! Louisa's and Millie's had fresh handmade chocolate creations of all kinds. What I really loved is that they did not seem to have much that was oversized. Rather, they had reasonable sized treats which I thinks sets them apart. We picked up some mints, raspberry creams and caramels. Delicious!

Something I did not expect -- the confectionery also has shakes and other beverage concoctions!  Louisa's and Millie's is an great spot of a chocolate pick me up or even great for specialty party favors. We found quite the treasure and we will be back!

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Louisa's and Millie's Chocolates in Downer's Grove, IL crafts handmade chocolate creations.

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