A Little Time and a Keyboard: 19 Road Trip Must Haves

19 Road Trip Must Haves

Monday, March 12, 2018

19 Road Trip Must Haves

We have several road trips on the horizon, so I am getting organized in the hopes we won't forget something essential. We do have some items that are musts on our trips.

  • Cooler packed with meals for the first day: We always bring meals for our first day so that we can cut down on cost and make sure that we start off healthy. This also makes it easier to pick up grocery items throughout the trip.
  • Plates, utensils and cups: Even if you do not pack a cooler, you may need these to split meals.
  • Food containers: Quite a few times, we have found ourselves with food remnants that we want to save later -- a couple of orange pieces, part of a banana, etc. Containers make it easier to save.
  • Empty bags: Bags are easy to stow away. They are perfect for wet clothing, muddy shoes and other things you do not want messing up the car.
  • Paper towels and tissues: If you don't remember them, you will need them!
  • Blankets: Great for naps, great for picnics and great for comfort!
  • First aid kit: Include any medications you need as well.
  • Hiking boots: Even on trips where we plan to be occupied at events, we always find a way to hike. Better to be prepared!
  • Travel mugs: Travel mugs make it easier to pick up coffee or tea with less waste.
  • Back up chargers: We have recently been traveling with back up chargers because our phones always seem to be drained at inopportune times!
  • Paper maps: We rely a lot on electronics. However, it is helpful to have paper maps in case they are not functional or cannot pick up a signal.
  • Pen and paper: I tend to forget a pen and paper but inevitably need one!
  • Car safety kit: If you are like me, you always have a safety kit in the car. Make sure it is there before your trip and everything is ready to go.
  • Protein snacks: Protein snacks are great for filling in gaps.
  • Freeze dried fruit: We bring freeze dried fruit because fruit can be sometimes be difficult to find.
  • Water: Don't forget water! Just don't!
  • Sunscreen: Sunscreen may be more difficult to find on your trip for a reasonable price than you think.
  • Bug repellent: Another item that you will not be able to find in a pinch. Just bring it!
  • Ponchos: I usually don't bring umbrellas because they do not hold up to wind. Ponchos work better for us.
19 Road Trip Must Haves for your Next Road Trip


  1. I like the idea of pen and paper. So often you really need it, and don't have it. Great tips!

  2. wow we just went to FL and back (From NY) we had lots of games, a dvd player, lots of water and snacks, hmmm... paper towels, tissues, plastic bags for garbage and in case anyone got sick! This is a great list!

  3. Great suggestions. Especially having extra containers and bags on hand for leftovers.