A Little Time and a Keyboard: April's Degustabox: Perfect for Road Trips

April's Degustabox: Perfect for Road Trips

Friday, April 20, 2018

April Degustabox Road Trip Treats

Spring is in the air which means it is time for road trips! This month, Degustabox had a road trip theme. So, our monthly Degustabox arrived full to the brim with road trip treats. When I say to the brim, I mean our box was quite full! Take a peek:
April Degustabox full of road trip treats!

Inside, we found:
  • ALO Spring Aloe Vera and Berry Juice
  • La Tortilla Factory Tortillas
  • Country Archer Jerky
  • Popchips Nutter Puffs
  • Angie's Boomchickapop (2 bags)
  • Torie & Howard Fruit Chews
  • Amazin' Raisins
  • Fini Sweets Shock Tongue Chewy Candy
  • Kollisions Chewy Candy
  • Tornadoes Fizzy Chewy Candy
  • Zeigler's Fruit and Veggie Combo
  • Goya Plantain Chips
  • La Tortilla Factory Slow Cooker Sauce
Whoa, we received a lot! In addition to road trips, this time of year is busy with school, sports and other activities. All too often you only have 10-15 minutes here and there to grab something to eat. So, I am pretty grateful to have some extra snacks in a pinch! 

Here is what I tried so far:

Angie's BOOMCHICKAPOP Cheddar Cheese Popcorn:

I needed a snack quickly in between activities. So, I grabbed a the cheddar cheese bag of BOOMCHICKAPOP. The treat is made with all natural ingredients and DELICIOUS!

Angie's BOOMCHICKAPOP Cheddar Cheese Popcorn

Torie & Howard Fruit Chews:

The fruit chews are the perfect something a little sweet without going overboard. The chews are all natural and interesting flavors like meyer lemon raspberry. Yum!

Torie & Howard Fruit Chews in April's Degustabox

ALO Spring Aloe and Berry Water:

Admittedly, I tend to be a little bit nervous about drinks like ALO. But, this one was quite tasty with a lovely fruit blend!

ALO Spring Aloe and Berry Water

Popchips Nutter Puffs:

I think that these may be my favorite find in the box! They are relatively simple -- natural peanut butter, peanut flour and corn flour. But, they are so peanutty and yum!

 Popchips Nutter Puffs in my Degustabox

I loved this Degustabox! My daughter will most likely be enjoying some of these this weekend:

Amazin' Raisins Fini Sweets Shock Tongue Chewy Candy Kollisions Chewy Candy Tornadoes Fizzy Chewy Candy in Degustabox

We have a volleyball tournament coming up, so I will bring this:

Butter Boomchickapop from my April Road Trip Degustabox

Really, a great box and wonderful theme idea! Degustaboxes always have some great surprises every month and we really look forward to them!

Want to try it out? 

Degustaboxes cost $19.99 per month and there is no shipping. Woo hoo! My readers have a special coupon code to receive their first box for $9.99 with code 69ODU. Boxes are valued at $30 so this is an awesome deal if you want to try it out! These types of things are especially fun for the kids, so may be a nice little gift!

**Disclosure: I did receive a Degustabox so that I could experience it and review it for you. No other compensation was received. All opinions are 100% my own.

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