A Little Time and a Keyboard: Como Park Zoo and Conservatory in St. Paul, Minnesota

Como Park Zoo and Conservatory in St. Paul, Minnesota

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Como Park Zoo and Conservatory St. Paul, Minnesota

**Disclosure: Thank you to Visit Roseville for hosting our incredible visit to Roseville, Minnesota including providing our hotel stay and admissions to select attractions! Views are 100% my own.

Natural attractions are some of my favorite to visit while on a road trip. So, I definitely had to make a visit to Como Park Conservatory while on our weekend family getaway in Roseville, Minnesota. Como Park Conservatory is located only minutes from Roseville in St. Paul and is part of a larger recreational area including Como Park Zoo and Como Lake. So, you can make a whole day of your visit or you can pick and choose. On the first day of our visit, we visited Como Park Zoo and Conservatory.

Como Park Zoo:

We began our exploration at the Como Park Zoo. The zoo is a nice size overall -- not too small and not too large. So, it is great for a range of ages. I loved the zebra enclosure because we got so many great views of them!

Zebras enjoying the sun at Como Park Zoo

I also loved the learning experiences threaded throughout like the display on training. Pretty interesting!

Exhibit about training animals at the Como Park Zoo in St. Paul, Minnesota

In the tropical exhibit, we found a sloth that was sleeping. How adorable! There were also a number of birds flying around.

Adorable sleeping sloth high up in a tree at Como Park Zoo
Adorable sleeping sloth!
Overall, the zoo has plenty of room to move around making it a lot easier for parents. There are a few areas for concessions and restrooms throughout.

Como Park Conservatory:

From the outside, you can already tell that the conservatory is impressive. The glass dome itself is incredibly beautiful and beckons for exploration.

The glass windows and domes of Como Park Conservatory are stunning!

Inside, we discovered a haven of green leaves, brilliant blooms and water features.

Garden tranquility, sculptures and water features at Como Park Conservatory
Garden tranquility, sculptures and water features
I especially enjoyed exploring the garden for spices, fruits and vegetables. I loved that each plant was identified and accompanying signs provided facts of the importance of the plants. Very interesting!

Learning about cassava at Como Park Conservatory

The bonsai section was one of my favorites. Inside, we had an opportunity not only to appreciate the artistry of the bonsai but also learn about the tools and methods to create with bonsai and to care for them.

Admiring and learning about bonsai at Como Park Conservatory

Of course, there were stunning moments in the conservatory:

Conservatories are always such a treasure! No matter the season or the weather outside, they always provide a garden wonderland!

Como Lake:

We started our final morning in Roseville with a serene walk around Como Lake. Como Lake is surrounded by 1.67 miles of trails. The trails dabble in and out through completely sunlit areas and tree covered areas. You can rent paddleboats and kayaks during the warmer months. Fishing is also permitted but limited, so look to the website for more info. The preserve is also a bird haven. I forgot my binoculars on this trip, but I will definitely bring them next time! Overall, so serene especially in the morning!

Paddleboats and kayaks rest at Como Lake
Paddleboats and kayaks rest at Como Lake
While walking, I noticed this cool station for bees and butterflies. I don' think that I have seen one so large before!

What a tranquil way to start the day!

Quiet moments for rest in nature at Como Lake
Quiet moments for rest in nature at Como Lake
Como Park Zoo and Conservatory is a true recreational treasure. There is a wealth of activities all in a natural setting. Como Park is very close to Roseville, Minnesota making it a fabulous destination to add to your visit!

Other elements of Como Park to explore:
  • Gates Ajar incredible floral creation
  • Labyrinth
  • Como Town with a few rides
  • Gift shop -- which does have some items made in Minnesota!
  • Spring Cafe on Como Lake.
  • Check the schedule for various activities including concerts


  1. How did I miss the Lake? I've been to como a few times but never found the lake. I'm going to have to search it out!

    1. We actually went back a second day to find the lake. We missed out on the Gates Ajar. They say to leave something undone so you go back. Good advice!

    2. I'm wondering the same, Jenn. LOL! Nor the Gates Ajar. Guess we'll be going back (twist our arms).