A Little Time and a Keyboard: Made in Minnesota Finds Near Roseville, Minnesota

Made in Minnesota Finds Near Roseville, Minnesota

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Made in Minnesota Finds from our Trip to Roseville, Minnesota

**Disclosure: Thank you to Visit Roseville for hosting our incredible visit to Roseville, Minnesota! Views are 100% my own.

While enjoying the Roseville, Minnesota area, we discovered some wonderful places to pick up a made in Minnesota gift. Finding a little piece of Minnesota to take home with you is not too difficult and you will no doubt love checking out all of the finds made in Minnesota!

Love From Minnesota:

While visiting the Mall of America, we discovered the Love From Minnesota Store. Love From Minnesota is full of food goodies, artisan items and more made in Minnesota. Items made in Minnesota as opposed to more generic souvenirs are labeled.

Love From Minnesota features pottery, sauces, maple syrup, mixes and more made in Minnesota

I Heart Minnesota:

Across the way from Love From Minnesota inside Mall of America is I Heart Minnesota. I Heart Minnesota has a similar concept to Love From Minnesota but has different items. Since they are so close together in the Mall of America, I suggest perusing both before making a purchase. Of course, we do give plus marks for the bears greeting us at the door! (The stores are affiliated, so I don't think we will be too mad that we choose the one with the bears.)

Minnesota made giftables at I Heart Minnesota at Mall of America

I Like You Too:

During our visit, we explored I Like You Too in St. Paul and fell in love. I Like You Too's sister store, I Like You is located in Minneapolis and we hope to explore that on a future visit. I think I Like You Too was one of my favorite finds during our road trip. The store is filled to the brim with giftables handmade in Minnesota. You will definitely need to take a spin around a couple of times to see everything including jewelry, candles, soap, beauty products, cards, mugs bags, tees and more. The store has a lively vibe and just gives you those warm and fuzzies. I came with a handmade ornament in the shape of Minnesota and some natural lip balm. Lovely!

I Like You Too features handmade items by Minnesota artisans in St. Paul

Bent Brewstillery:

When in Minnesota, one has to explore locally brewed beer. Fortunately, we were up to the challenge and visited Bent Brewstillery right in Roseville! At Bent Brewstillery, you can order 5 oz beers to sample which we did. You can also order a flight. Bent Brewstillery had a food truck when we were there and an outdoor seating area in addition to the indoor. You can also order in from local restaurants or bring food in. Really a fun place that I think would be neat to have closer to us in the summer!

Sampling locally brewed beer at Bent Brewstillery in Roseville, Minnesota
Enjoying some brews at Bent Brewstillery


Candyland has been treating families in St. Paul and Minneapolis for decades. The first Candyland opened in St. Paul in 1932. We visited the Minneapolis location and were immediately thrilled by the old school popper:

Old copper poppers at Candlyland in Minneapolis

Candyland features hand-dipped chocolates made from scratch, fresh popcorn and popcorn mixes, roasted nuts and more. They also sell candies from other makers in the US. But, we came for the chocolates made in Minnesota and loved them!

Love Made in Minnesota!

We LOVED our made in Minnesota finds. There seems to be a wealth of locally made items, I think that we just scratched the surface. I can't wait to return and explore some more!

Made in Minnesota Finds Near Roseville, Minnesota

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