An Evening with the Animals at Grant's Farm in Missouri

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

We visited Grant's Farm often when we lived in the St. Louis area. We loved riding on the tram through the Deer Park where we delighted in splendid views of animals roaming freely. Often, you will see multiple types of animals in close proximity nibbling on grass or drinking water. A wonderful way to escape!

A range of animals including Texas Longhorn enjoying the waning evening sun at Grant's Farm.
A range of animals including Texas Longhorn enjoying the waning evening sun at Grant's Farm.
A farm full of history:

The farm was the home of the famous brewing family -- the Busch family and is still owned by the family today. A portion of the land was once farmed by Ulysses S. Grant. He was gifted the land by his wife Julia's father. On our tram tour, we viewed the log cabin built by Ulysses S. Grant. It is the only log cabin built by a US President still standing. It was moved to the park from an area nearby. The home called "Hardscrabble" is open during special events. Another point of history at the farm -- some of the fencing is made from repurposed Civil War rifles!

Hardscrabble is a log cabin constructed by US Grant located at Grant's Farm in Missouri
Hardscrabble constructed by US Grant.
Enjoying the animal refuge:

The farm includes 281-acres providing refuge to nearly 1,000 animals from all over the world. We received a true treat being able to visit during the evening. Many animals were out enjoying the dimming sunlight. Normally, the farm closes earlier in day. However, during the summer it is open most Fridays until 9PM for Food Truck Friday.

Elk relaxing in the evening at Grant's Farm
Elk relaxing in the evening at Grant's Farm
Visits to the Grant's Farm begin with riding the tram through the preserve. At different points during the ride, we stopped to view for animals. They roam freely in this part of the park, so the animals you will see may vary greatly.

The Tier Garten and Bauernhof:

The tram dropped us off at the Tier Garten where you can feed adult goats and baby goats. You can also visit with other animals included lemurs, tortoises, rabbits, bald eagles and more. We always love feeding the goats and baby goats!

Goats enjoying the evening at Grant's Farm
Goats enjoying the evening at Grant's Farm
There is also fun carousel and you can feed parakeets as well.

Lively carousel at Grant's Farm
Love the carousel lit up for the evening.
At The Bauernhof, you will find a snack shop and a hospitality room where those over 21 are treated to two complimentary Anheuser Busch beverages. Bauernhof is German for farmstead and the 1913 structure was set up as a replica of a German farmstead. During the Food Truck Friday fun, we enjoyed a live band on the patio. In the Bauernhof you can view the Busch family's collection of carriages. Often, there are shetland ponies in the stables. However, they were moved during Food Truck Friday due to the activity.

Enjoying the plaza at the Bauernhof at Grant's Farm.
Enjoying the plaza at the Bauernhof.

The patio is packed at Food Truck Friday at Grant's Farm!
The patio was packed!
After enjoying a little live music and some beverages, it was time to return to the hotel to rest up for hiking at Pere Marquette the next day. We took a return tram and crossed the bridge towards the parking lot.

Crossing the bridge at Grant's Farm.
Crossing the bridge at Grant's Farm.
However, there was one more thing to see. Adjacent to the parking are the stables where the famed Clydesdales live. We were not sure if they would be out because the time was nearing 9PM. But, fortunately they were!

Clydesdales relaxing in the evening at Grant's Farm
Clydesdales relaxing in the evening at Grant's Farm

As always, a lovely visit at Grant's Farm!

To Know:

  • There are shows and even opportunities to meet animals during the day, so check the schedule.
  • Visiting during the spring can be an exciting time -- we witnessed the birth of a deer on a spring visit!
  • The farm is open seasonally and closed most Mondays.
  • In addition to Food Truck Fridays, there are other special celebrations including at Halloween
  • Admission is free but there is a parking fee and a fee for some activities
  • Across the street is White Haven which is a Dent and Grant family home.

Grant's Farm in St. Louis, Missouri

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