A Little Time and a Keyboard: Interview with Local Artist Carol Foster of Foster Moments

Interview with Local Artist Carol Foster of Foster Moments

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Artists Carol Foster and Lisa Riedl at Crabtree Nature Center's art display.
Artists Carol Foster and Lisa Riedl at Crabtree Nature Center's art display.

I am happy to introduce you to an amazing local artist here in the Chicago suburban area, Carol Foster! Carol Foster is a talented painter and also helps organize and facilitate public art programs and events throughout the suburbs. Carol and I met through our mutual passion for all things local and support of small business and local artisans. Please meet Carol Foster of Foster Moments and Artistic Journeys. Please enjoy my interview with Carol:

What is your preferred medium of art?

I am an oil painter and my style is impressionism. I prefer using the water mixable oils. They are better for the environment and clean with soap and water -- no harsh chemicals. I specialize in pet portraits and nature.

How did you start your artistic journey?

I have "observed and appreciated" nature as far back as I can remember.  As a young child I have memories of a pet turtle and a dog who was my best friend and we would walk in the woods or sit by a river for hours. I have always loved nature and would see beauty in flowers, insects, birds and water.  I always appreciated "seeing" shapes in clouds and beautiful vistas.  I remember a friend commenting when we were teenagers that I see beauty that others walk past.  My first passion and artistic endeavor was culinary. At 9-years-old I would teach my older brothers' girlfriends how to cook.  Rarely used a recipe, just instinctively knew what herbs and spices went together to enhance the senses.  

My husband bought me a watercolor book and supplies fifteen years ago.  An early retirement from the corporate world twelve years ago brought me to a wonderful art studio in Lake Zurich, Main Street Art Center, where I was blessed with the instruction and seeds of exploring the art world I jumped into body and soul.

Family Time by Carol Foster image courtesy of Carol Foster
"American Goldfinch" by Carol Foster
What inspires your creativity? 

Happy feelings, love, emotion, beauty, the great impressionists, friends' artwork, working with children, teaching. A huge inspiration was my Pup, Shannon.

Do you plan out your approach ahead of time or is it spur of the moment?  

I do both! If I am out with friends painting plein air or just playing in my studio, those are spur of the moment, experimenting, playing and joyful. If I am in a plein air competition there are many hours of sketching/drawing, photographing and "quick study" paintings of  potential locations that I will then paint on site. If I'm working on a commission, I will also sketch, plan and talk with clients to find out what is important to them, to give them a unique piece that exhibits their emotional responses and specified requirements.

Family Time by Carol Foster image courtesy of Carol Foster
"Family Time" by Carol Foster 

How do you see the role of art in the community?  

My role: After a long career of networking and building relationships, connecting people in the community is almost instinctual. I enjoy connecting businesses and people. Artist role:  I think artists have a duty to support, educate and uplift community. We offer our time and talents to non profit organizations

How can the public become more engaged with the art community?  

Attend special events offered by villages, libraries and cultural centers; many are free. Follow musicians, fine artists etc. on their facebook pages, art groups and websites.

Artists of Artistic Journeys at the Barrington White House image courtesy of Carol Foster
Artists of Artistic Journeys at the Barrington White House image courtesy of Carol Foster

Can you tell us about Artistic Journeys?  

We are Fine Artists who share our talents and knowledge with others. Our mission is to educate and enrich community, support local business and uplift local artists through our activism, volunteerism, networking and communication. We are a group of like minded artists serving to uplift and inspire by sharing our knowledge and artistry with others.

Artistic Journeys Artists paint from our hearts. We are inspired by the great Impressionists, the beauty of nature and the joy of living. We found each other on our journeys to artistic self-discovery. Now Artistic Journeys Artists are fellow travelers painting together, forming, creating and sustaining friendships, just like 19th century artists of the French Countryside. Our media include camera, oil, watercolors and more. We welcome the community to reach out to us if you are interested in hosting an exhibit, purchasing a painting or being added to our waiting list of artists (membership is by invitation only). For more information, check https://www.facebook.com/artistsofnomonet/.

"Rough'nic" by Carol Foster image courtesy of Carol Foster
"Rough'nic" by Carol Foster

Which local art events do you find the most engaging?   

Smaller community events that bring out families, local entertainers and businesses such as Art in Nature and Art in the Barn.

Where is an unexpected place to find local art?  

Village Halls, hospitals, coffee shops, small businesses  (restaurants, doctors offices and more) appreciate the importance  of supporting local artists while adding beauty to their buildings and engaging their clients.  If you are a business and looking for fine artists, contact me here: https://fostermoments.com/contact

"The Girls" by Carol Foster image courtesy of Carol Foster
"The Girls" by Carol Foster

What is your favorite piece of art?   

I don't have a favorite piece.  All of the art I have purchased has meant something to me, touched me emotionally.  I am an impulse buyer, if something resonates within my heart. My favorite artists are the great impressionists, if I had to pick one, I'd say Monet.

Thank you, Carol, for giving us a little peek into local art, your methods and local art in the community! You can follow Carol on her Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/artistcarolfostermoments/ and check out her art at Foster Moments.

Interview with Chicago area artist Carol Foster

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