A Little Time and a Keyboard: Chicago Culinary Kitchen: Texas Style BBQ in Illinois

Chicago Culinary Kitchen: Texas Style BBQ in Illinois

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Texas-style Barbecue at Chicago Culinary Kitchen in Palatine, Illinois

My husband loves BBQ, so naturally we had to check out a BBQ joint for his birthday. At some point over the summer, I noticed one that I actually had never heard of before in Palatine -- Chicago Culinary Kitchen. Chicago Culinary Kitchen is a unique local experience, so definitely the type of restaurant we seek out. Chicago Culinary Kitchen is only open on Saturdays and Sundays 11AM - sold out and features locally sourced meats and craft beer. Ok, this place was made for us and is so close to home! We planned our weekend visit and couldn't wait to check it out.

BBQ Menu at Chicago Culinary Kitchen
The menu is on point and to the point!
When we arrived, the line was out the door attesting to Chicago Culinary Kitchen's reputation as the best BBQ in Illinois. Were we in for a treat! Pitmasters Greg and Kristina Gaardbo take care in their craft selecting the best meats and smoking them overnight to be served hot and fresh for that day's meals.

Smoker outside of Chicago Culinary Kitchen
The crowd waiting outside was quiet jovial. We did not wait terribly long but I am sure that the crowd varies quite a bit depending on day or time. There are special meats available and those probably sell out quickly. The menu has a nice selection of meats to choose from. Sides include F'N Mac & Cheese, 18 Hour Pit Beans, Esquites -- Mexican Street Corn, Bread Pudding with Fireball Caramel Sauce and Pig Candy. My husband put in our orders while my daughter and I chose a seat. Tables are communal which adds to the local and friendly atmosphere.

Rock 'N Roll! atmosphere in Chicago Culinary Kitchen
Rock 'N Roll!
A combination of apple and cherry woods are used in the smoking to yield a sweet and smoky flavor and a mahogany hue which you can really see in the Amish chicken.

Smoked Amish Chicken at Chicago Culinary Kitchen
Amish chicken
Between the three of us, we had a well-rounded selection. I LOVED the Amish chicken -- smoky sweet flavor with the perfect moistness. The portion size as you can see is quite sizable, so it served me for parts of three meals. Chicago Culinary Kitchen's BBQ is Texas-style and does not come already sauced. However, there is sauce on the table should you choose. I also had a nice cup of the Esquites. Such an incredible side -- it took everything in my power to maintain portion control.

Texas style BBQ at Chicago Culinary Kitchen including Amish chicken, pulled pork and ribs.
Our BBQ feast!
My husband went with the pulled pork -- another fast favorite. He also devoured the pit beans. My daughter went with the Back Alley Sticky Ribs which are topped with pistachios. She did manage to bring some home -- but they did not last long. She is a mac'n'cheese girl, so she HAD to have the F'N' Mac'n'Cheese which she loved! Here is a bit of a closer peek at our sides:

Pit beans, esquites and f'n' mac and cheese sides at Chicago Culinary Kitchen
Don't forget the sides!
Our meal was incredible and it was well worth setting aside time on our weekend to make sure we were able to visit during Chicago Culinary Kitchen's limited hours. The Gaardbo's dedication to crafting BBQ is evident in every bite. The overall atmosphere of Chicago Culinary Kitchen is one where you just want to kick back and relax with a craft beer or a specialty soda and enjoy your meal. Chicago Culinary Kitchen also has classes including a Craft Beer and BBQ Experience where guests learn about BBQ and craft beer while savoring BBQ paired with beer. Catering is also available. I feel a return visit in our future.

Chicago Culinary Kitchen Texas Style BBQ in Palatine, Illinois

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