A Little Time and a Keyboard: Colectivo Coffee and Black Cat Alley in Milwaukee

Colectivo Coffee and Black Cat Alley in Milwaukee

Saturday, September 22, 2018

After our adventure down memory lane at the Mitchell Park Domes in Milwaukee, we went in search of locally roasted coffee and popped into Colectivo. In addition to our hot beverages of choice, Colectivo has a decent menu of breakfast items, sandwiches and wraps. Plus, they have tempting fresh baked goodies from Troubadour Bakery. As a family of famished explorers, we ordered a selection of sandwiches. I, of course, ordered my traditional mocha latte which I can say was delicious!

Colectivo Mocha Latte
Yum! Mocha latte.
My daughter quickly spied one of her favorites on the menu, a fresh mozzarella baguette. Sometimes when you visit coffee shops, you are a little concerned that they will skimp on the food which we have unfortunately experienced. Not so at Colectivo! My daughter's baguette was complete with mozzarella, spinach, pesto and parmesan seasoning. She loved it and enjoyed the nibble on chips as well.

Mozzarella Baguette at Colectivo in Milwaukee
Mozzarella Baguette at Colectivo
While taking in the menu, my decision kept wavering between the falafel burger and the hummus wrap until finally settling on the falafel burger. Well, my choice was kind of cheating because the falafel burger also has hummus on it. The falafel burger includes a tomato, lettuce and cucumber with a side of cucumber mint sauce. My falafel burger was delicious and I would definitely order it again. The cucumber mint sauce was a nice and fresh addition and welcome because the burger does get a little dry.

Falafel Burger with Hummus at Colective Coffee in Milwaukee
Falafel Burger with Hummus
My husband ordered the turkey club with a cup of curry cauliflower soup. He loved the soup so much that he is inspired to find a recipe to make it at home. My husband also thoroughly enjoyed his sandwich including the delicious fresh bread.

Turkey club with a cup of curry cauliflower soup at Colectivo Coffee in Milwaukee
Turkey club with a cup of curry cauliflower soup.

Vibrant and Inspirational Art in Black Cat Alley:

The Colectivo we visited is right around the corner from Black Cat Alley which is a slightly tucked away alley full of large scale murals.

Murals in Black Cat Alley of Milwaukee, Wisconsin but some whimsy and fun into a neglected alley.

The murals are bold and captivating. While not a huge alley, we found our selves taking pause at the bold and beautiful art.

Vibrant street art stands out at Black Cat Alley in Milwaukee

Black Cat Alley is taking submissions from additional artists. So, it will be interesting to see how the alley develops and changes.

Black Cat Alley is street art collection in Milwaukee utilizing and little used alley for public art.

Not too far from Black Cat Alley is another spot you will want to check out The Waxwing which is home to many locally made products. The store also hosts classes and events.

Shopping for locally made items at The Waxwing in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

The East Town area is full of interesting eateries and shops. Colectivo also hosts The Back Room which hosts musical talent. So, if you are spending an evening in Milwaukee you may want to check that out. We also were not too far from the lake, so spent some time wandering near Lake Michigan. We found this area of Milwaukee to be a fun and a nice spot for a little exploration. What a nice afternoon!

Colectivo Coffee and Black Cat Alley in Milwaukee

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