A Little Time and a Keyboard: Apples, Fall Flavors and Local Goods at Apple Hut

Apples, Fall Flavors and Local Goods at Apple Hut

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Apples, apples and more apples plus apple goodies and more at The Apple Hut in Beloit, Wisconsin

Apples, fall flavors and locally made goods at Apple Hut in Beloit, Wisconsin:

Fall visits to Beloit, Wisconsin mean a trip to the Apple Hut is necessary! The Apple Hut has long been a fall staple to the Beloit area celebrating its 39th year this season. Inside the adorable hut, you will find all of the apple items you crave every fall including a wide variety of freshly picked apples, apple pie, apple turnovers, apple cider and, of course, apple cider donuts!

Apple Hut grows 17 varieties of apples
Oh my! Beautiful and crisp apples!
When we entered the Apple Hut, there already was a line to grab some fresh apple cider donuts. We visited on a lovely fall day, so who would not want to enjoy fall's flavors? My husband waited in line to pick up a few donuts and I took a peek around the store. Of course, there were apples, apples and more apples. Varieties change throughout the season depending on what is ripe. The Apple Hut also sells a variety of other locally made goods including pumpkin butter, preserves, mixes, artisan items, honey and Wisconsin maple syrup:

All natural Wisconsin maple syrup!
All natural Wisconsin maple syrup!
The Apple Hut was quite a buzz while we were there with guests picking up all sorts of goodies including apples, apple cider donuts, apple pies, apple butter and more. Of course, this made me even more eager to try our apple cider donuts:

Freshly baked apple cider donut from Apple Hut in Beloit, Wisconsin.
Freshly baked apple cider donut. Yum!

Our donuts were delicious! We actually had to eat one in the car before moving to our next adventure -- oh my so nice, fluffy and yummy! The donuts truly melted in our mouths! We also had to add a cool and crisp apple cider, too:

Another treat -- you can also pick apples at the Apple Hut orchard! Unfortunately, we did not have an opportunity to on this trip but I have definitely added it to our list for in the future. The orchard is spread out over 13 acres of land with a variety of different apples ripening throughout the season.

The Apple Hut is a fun family aside to add to your fall trip to Beloit. The family-owned business helps create those special fall memories that light us up every fall. The Apple Hut is open late August through late October/early November depending on the harvest. You can still catch the end of this season -- The Apple Hut will be open until November 4th (see hours on Apple Hut's Facebook Page). Good old fashioned fall fun!

**Disclosure: Thank you to Visit Beloit for hosting my family's visit to Beloit.

Apples and Treats at Apple Hut Beloit, Wisconsin

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