Thursday, October 11, 2018

Camp 18 Restaurant in Elsie, Oregon: Logging, Bigfoot and a Cinnamon Roll

Logger and bear woodcarvings greet guests at Camp 18 in Elsie, Oregon

Enjoying a Bit of Logger History and Hearty Fare at Camp 18

Camp 18 on US 26 between Portland and the coast in Oregon is a must stop. The cabin structure gives you that backwoods feel like you are at an oasis for loggers. The menu is full of comfort food, just as you would expect after a long day of logging. However, the food is not the only reason to stop at Camp 18. Camp 18 warrants a longer stop to check out some of the old logging equipment and other items on the grounds as part of the Logging Museum. Of particular note are the woodcarved loggers, bears and even Bigfoot:

Woodcarved Big Foot at Camp 18 in Elsie, Oregon on Route 26 between Portland, Oregon and the Oregon Coast
How can you be afraid of this Bigfoot?

There are other items on the grounds with some explanatory placards including a reconstructed water wheel:

Reconstructed water wheel Camp 18
Reconstructed Water Wheel
We also discovered a railroad crane that I know my grandfather would have loved to have seen!

Railroad Crane at Camp 18
Railroad Crane
We also explored a beautiful caboose!

All around the grounds are interesting artifacts to check out. So, really plan some time to wander. Camp 18 also has a lovely gift store full of Oregon made items. There is a creek behind the restaurant with a bit of a trail as well. But, we were there for a bit of a snack before heading to Cannon Beach for the day. Which snack you may ask? Well, the largest cinnamon roll I have seen:

Enormous and delicious homemade cinnamon roll at Camp 18.
Enormous and delicious homemade cinnamon roll at Camp 18.

Yes, we finished it. Yes, it was delicious!

A slice of fun, pieces of history and a big old dollop of great food, Camp 18 should be on your list on your next Oregon adventure. Camp 18 provided us with an extra adventure and a fantastic family memory on our drive from Portland, Oregon to the Oregon Coast.

Camp 18 Restaurant and Logging Museum in Elsie, Oregon

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