A Little Time and a Keyboard: Meet Local Painter and Eco-Artist Lisa Marie Riedl

Meet Local Painter and Eco-Artist Lisa Marie Riedl

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Meet Local Painter and Eco-Artist Lisa Marie Riedl

Meet Local Painter and Eco-Artist Lisa Marie Riedl

Recently, I collaborated with local artist Lisa Riedl on a project of inspiration during the time of COVID crafting art prompts to spark creativity in all of us. Lisa is an incredible painter and eco-artist. She has so much enthusiasm and passion about her craft that just bubbles over. Her art is absolutely amazing! I have been so impressed by her art and the fervor with which she shares her art that I wanted to introduce her to you. Enjoy this delightful interview with Lisa Riedl and be sure to peruse her art at L M Riedl Art:

How did you start your artistic journey?

Oh boy, I can't recall a time when I didn't have a crayon in my hand or wasn't creating. When I won the 5th grade Fun Fair Poster Contest, I committed to giving it a serious go.

Muirhead by Lisa Marie Riedl.
Muirhead by Lisa Marie Riedl.
What is your preferred medium of art?

I love buttery oils, but I am no purist by any stretch of the imagination. I love to experiment in watercolor and create with recycled materials. It is hard not to think about the environmental footprints that we leave.

What inspires your creativity?

The creativity comes when you get to work. For the past 2 years the focus has been on everyday "simple" objects, marveling at their complexity. Onions grown in the garden, a vast skyline of clouds - there is never a limitation of subject matter, only a limitation of me. Also, I love hanging with other artists and catching up on what they are making. It's natural "kindle."

Sycamore Skies by Lisa Marie Riedl.
Sycamore Skies by Lisa Marie Riedl.
Do you plan out your approach ahead of time or is it spur of the moment?

Both. Most days I block out a chunk of time to paint then others it is a fly-by-the-set-of-my-pants day. Draw a quick sketch here, there, waiting in the car to pick up or drop off kids. People talk of a balanced life but in truth priorities change daily, at least for me, so I just make creativity a part of everything.

(Or maybe the question relates to processes?)

Normally, I set up the paints and easel and then sketch right onto the paper. My painting style is more reactive to an environment, verses meticulous planning. The piece for me is more expressive that way otherwise the painting gets too tight and loses its energy.

Storms Rolling In by Lisa Riedl.
Storms Rolling In by Lisa Riedl.

Is there a subject that you find to be a delightful challenge?

I would have to say Plein Air. Being outside with the sun, heat, cold, wind, rain and bugs. The elements can be an obstacle or add grit to a piece if you are able to capture the atmosphere. When you settle in and become part of the landscape, well, there is nothing better than being out in nature.

How do you see the role of art in the community?

Connectivity and communication. Art bridges a communication gap visually. There is a child-like artist in every one of us and when we get in touch with that place again, we have reconnected to one another.

How do find art helps us navigate uneasy times?

Oh my, can you imagine these times without art? I have never seen such an explosion of creative expression from people. Singing from balconies, sidewalk chalk, window art, even down to designer face masks! One of the key elements of art has always been not only to document the times but to get out those emotions that people struggle to express. Through the arts people are comforted. The arts are making this time of isolation not so lonely.

My hope is as we move forward, from this point on we remember how important it was to express ourselves with paint and songs and chalk. (Not to mention how many families you have seen walking and biking together.) The Arts are not "extracurricular activities" but Essential Curriculum in creating a solid foundation for healthy growth.

Mighty Zinnia by Lisa Marie Riedl.
Mighty Zinnia by Lisa Marie Riedl.

Where is an unexpected place to find local art?

When I walk with the kids our eyes are always peeled for hidden treasures. Right now it is sidewalks and windows. A lot of restaurants carry original work along with coffee shops and specialty stores. I know a lot of forest preserves have incorporated a place for artists to exhibit their work. And check online as well, a lot of local artists are providing tutorials and demos. It's a way to get familiar with an artist's work.

What is your favorite piece of art?

Just one? No can do! I'd love to own anything by the late Elizabeth Murray or Anselm Kiefer. Two artists who move me emotionally, no words needed.

Thank you, Lisa, for sharing your light with us!

Meet Chicago Suburban Painter and Eco-Artist Lisa Marie Riedl


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