A Little Time and a Keyboard: After Eight Years, A Trip To A Chicago Classic

After Eight Years, A Trip To A Chicago Classic

Friday, October 7, 2011

I have lived in the area for over eight years (where has the time gone?).  However, when it comes to visiting classic Chicago eateries, I am a little bit (ok, a lot) behind.  My avoidance of large numbers of people, noise, and gobs of large buildings keeps me out of the city.  Today was different as my husband's eye doctor appointment downtown (to recheck his Lasik) compelled us to go to the city.  Over the years, I have heard a lot about the Berghoff so, we gave it a try.  As soon as we sat down, I knew it was definitely a place we would like.  The restaurant has a very warm, family type atmosphere and reminds me of diners I used to go to as a child.  My husband discovered a beer flight on the menu, so he was sold immediately.  For lunch, my husband had the reuben and I tried the whitefish (made according to one of the Berghoff Family recipes).  My husband enjoyed his reuben but was surprised that it was on normal rye, not pumpernickel.  I enjoyed the whitefish.  It had a delicious dill-caper sauce that melded the fish well with the pomme frites on the plate.  However, the whitefish was a bit tough for my taste.  I have never had whitefish before so I am not sure if this is the normal texture of whitefish or not?  Also, I was served grilled squash, peppers, and eggplant with my lunch.    I did not feel that the choice of vegetables melded really well with the sauce.  Unfortunately, due to my acid reflux, I had to cede my peppers to my husband.  They may have gone better with the sauce than the squash or egglant.  However, I was glad to receive grilled veggies instead of veggies laden with butter!  We both devoured our meals so, the food was good, just not knock your socks off!  Overall, I think the Berghoff is a good, solid establishment.  I am glad that we have found a good, family-friendly restaurant in the city that is not a chain.  I look forward to trying more of the Berghoff-original dishes.  And, of course, having some more beer!

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