A Little Time and a Keyboard: Risk. (In life, not the game)

Risk. (In life, not the game)

Thursday, October 6, 2011

So. I'm excited to be attending Viking Cooking School. Just finished the first 3-hour class (of the six-week Viking University). The class was a birthday gift from the hub, who is an excellent cook. Frankly, he could be teaching it, given his depth of culinary knowledge. What makes him such a whiz in the kitchen? Simple - he is fearless. Unlike me, whose culinary exploits have been heretofore hobbled by fear and aversion to risk. Fear: of screwing it up, and of setting the house/myself afire (in that order).

I'm trying to get over perfectionism, but it's a life-long battle. Our first class was mostly orientation and an introduction to knife skills. The instructor showed the proper grip and hand placement on a knife, which was fine. But darn it! I was stumbling on the rocking knife motion he demonstrated. My first instinct? Slight (ok, moderate) mortification. Why can't I do this??

But then - I started to get it down. I just need practice. And last night, with help from the hub, I prepared a sumptuous dinner: steak fajitas. Yay! They were tasty, and no one bled from a chopping mishap. Now, the high flame under the wok - ok, it still scares me. But I'm learning and, just maybe, I'll conquer those other fears.

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