A Little Time and a Keyboard: No Two Snowflakes Are Alike

No Two Snowflakes Are Alike

Sunday, November 27, 2011

This weekend I finally finished a couple of snowflakes that I have been working on the last couple of weeks.  They are pretty easy to make but, with so many other projects going on, it is hard to get something finished quickly!

Here are pictures of my finished products:

For each snowflake, I started with a precut wood piece that you can find at Joann's or Michael's.  Then, I painted each with a white base coat.  For the first snowflake, I mixed a light blue paint (I started with a dark blue paint and mixed it with white until I got the desired color) and painted the snowflake with this new shade.  Once the blue coat dried, I painted the snowflake with a glitter paint that dries clear (except for the glitter flecks, of course!).  After I reached the desired effect, I "bedazzled" my snowflake with various jewel-type stickers.  Then, I glued on a burgundy velvet ribbon to use for hanging the snowflake.  Here is a closer look at a section of the snowflake:

For the second snowflake, I borrowed from a technique that I used when I used to tole paint years ago.  I applied light blue paint to one side of the brush and white to the other.   Then, I painted a few strokes on a piece of paper to decrease the amount of paint on the brush.  Then, I painted the snowflake switching back and forth between the two sides, leaning more towards the white.  If part of the snowflake became too blue, I applied some more white paint to get the desired effect.  Once this dried, I "bedazzled" this snowflake as well.  Here is a closer look:

I really wanted to capture the uniqueness of snowflakes with these and I am happy with my results!


  1. Thank so much for linkin up at my Blog Hop Social! I love the snowflakes! I saw some exactly like them at Pier One this past weekend! Great job! Are you a member of Pinterest? you should post them there? If you are not a member I can send you an invite!! Let me know! And post these at my Made U look Thursday!

  2. Getting creative its something that isnt in me but will give it another go cos of the kids.
    following you back. bits and bobs

  3. They're lovely, and great to know details of how they were done with the paint etc. I want to do some similar, so now I know how!