A Little Time and a Keyboard: What is the Deal, Yo---American Girl

What is the Deal, Yo---American Girl

Sunday, November 27, 2011

I never paid attention to Cyber Monday until last year when I learned that American Girl has a Cyber Monday Sale.  I woke up super early last Cyber Monday and was able to snag a bunch of deals.  I received an email from American Girl today telling me that they will once again have specials tomorrow.  If you are going to shop any of the Cyber Monday Sales, American Girl is definitely the one to hit if you have a little girl.  They very rarely have anything on sale so you can bet that I will be up early to grab some deals.  The best items will go fast!

Update:  As of about 12:15 AM the deals are up on the American Girl website.  I couldn't sleep so I took advantage!  ;)


  1. I am SO BUMMED that I am just looking at this now! Next year...

  2. Yes, the sale is every year as far as I understand. If you sign up for AG emails, you will get an email notifying you that there will be some specials or something to that effect.