A Little Time and a Keyboard: A Plague Upon My House

A Plague Upon My House

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Illness has come to our household and is now the houseguest who won't leave (and never wanted in the first place). He had the nerve to arrive and visit my daughter on Christmas (!), reducing her to crawling in my arms and laying limply while I cuddled her. This, with a house full of cousins she loves and many toys to be played with! You know, then, that it's serious.

Thankfully, her gracious pediatrician opened the closed doctor's office for us the day after Christmas (bless her). Unfortunately, even with meds, my daughter hasn't rebounded as quickly as we'd hoped. A penicillin allergy cuts out the most effective, powerful options for her. This has meant dealing with chills, fevers, conjunctivitis, prodigious coughing and nasal discharge every day. It also led to a return trip to the doctor after a particularly alarming episode when her fever spiked. A new prescription - Biaxin - was dispatched. It will likely do the trick, her doc said, but is particularly foul to consume. Indeed, this has proved true, creating a challenge for my husband and I to get the medicine in her system. We're on day 3 (of 10) of the new meds. Wish us luck.

I hate to see my girl miserable, like any parent would. Her appetite - never the heartiest in the best of times - has dwindled even more. Her illness has caused her to miss out on the fun that could be had (movies, zoo trips, etc.) during a week of school break my husband is also off work. I hope there's light at the end of the tunnel as my daughter and I are getting stir-crazy. (Did I mention I'm sick now, too?) We've played board games, watched movies, done crafts (my favorite: a bead necklace she strung for me, reading "UNDERDOG").

Until healing comes, I'm trying to remember happier times. Not coincidentally, these times were usually had in summer. Like at the beach. Without pinkeye.

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