A Little Time and a Keyboard: Uses for Holiday Scrap Paper

Uses for Holiday Scrap Paper

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I hate wasting paper.  Between wrapping gifts and art projects, we have plenty of scrap paper around the house.  Here are some ways that I plan on using our construction paper, wrapping paper and tissue paper scraps:
What to do with all of this colorful paper?
  • Shred some scraps to use as holiday packing.  (Why use perfectly good tissue paper when you don't have to!)
  • Shred some bright colored scraps to decorate one of my holiday tables like confetti.
  • Have my daughter make mini mosaics to use as holiday thank you cards.
  • Supply my daughter with some to make a holiday picture. (She loves holiday-themed are projects!)
  • Use some of the excess wrapping paper as backgrounds in picture frames.
  • Make a mod podge gift box. (See our idea.) 
  • Use tissue paper for future gifts.
  • Use the over-used tissue paper to wrap ornaments and other items for storage.
So far, I have already been able to use some for holiday packing.  See below:

**Updated December 20, 2013.

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  1. That is so neat! I've never even thought of doing anything like this to our left over paper...thanks for the ideas!