A Little Time and a Keyboard: Let the Birthday Email Madness (&Deals) Begin

Let the Birthday Email Madness (&Deals) Begin

Thursday, February 2, 2012

With my birthday coming up in a week, I have been getting bombarded with emails from pretty much any store or restaurant that I have had contact with in the last fifteen years (or so it seems).  The good news is that I am finally capitalizing on many of those e-clubs that I have joined and keep saying that I am going to cancel every time I get an annoying "buy this and that" email.  Here is a snapshot of what I have received so far:

courtesy of www.dailyclipart.net
$5 to DSW
$.50 Driscoll's Coupon (They almost never have coupons---sweet!)
$10 to Victoria's Secret
$10 to World Market
Free one scoop sundae at Culver's
Free Sephora Beautiful Eyes Kit
$20 for Vera Bradley (Yup, $20 off of a $20 or more item--awesome!)
$1 off of two pints of Starbucks Ice Cream (stingy considering the other gifts!)
1 free tapa at La Tasca in Arlington Heights

Also, one of my favs:  a $15 food item at Cooper's Hawk Winery.  However, I cannot truly consider this a birthday freebie because I am part of their wine club.

So, sometimes those clubs really do pay off!  I will let you know if I get anything else good.  I am pretty happy with the treats that I have received so far!

Does anybody know of any other cool clubs to join?

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