A Little Time and a Keyboard: Sun Shui---My Favorite Asian Cuisine

Sun Shui---My Favorite Asian Cuisine

Monday, February 6, 2012

Last Saturday, my husband and I celebrated 16 wonderful years together.  On our first date, many moons ago, we went out for Chinese food.  (A big treat for me since I lived on campus at the time.)  Ever since then, we have eaten Chinese food on February 4th.  This year, we had take out from Sun Shui in Arlington Heights for our celebration.

Chicken in Garlic Sauce
For the past nine years, Sun Shui has been our go-to place for great tasting yet a little more refined Chinese food.  Besides having great Chinese food, Sun Shui also has an excellent sushi bar and makes a mean pad thai.  Over years, we have tried many items from the menu.  Everything is made from fresh, high quality ingredients.  Portions are definitely ample.  Unlike some other Chinese food that I have had, Sun Shui's leftovers tend to reheat really well.  For the most part, the dishes tend to hold up to reheating and, while a little mushy, still hold most of their flavor and texture. 

My husband and I especially love to go to Sun Shui for their lunch special.  The lunch special is served Monday-Saturday, 11:00AM-2:30PM.   There are various combos of either sushi or Chinese cuisine available.  Each comes with fried wontons and choice of rice and soup, all for a very reasonable price.  The dining room is elegant and children will love the little fish pond.  Whenever we dine there, my daughter conveniently has to "go to the bathroom" about a billion times so that she can see the pond on the way.
Pad Thai
We have always found the service at Sun Shui to be wonderful whether we dine in or not.  The staff is very friendly and our food is always prepared quickly.  There are very few restaurants that my husband and I have been going to for nine years.  Sun Shui has been able to keep its quality for that long and I definitely look forward to enjoying it for years to come!

**Disclaimer: All opinions in this review are mine. I received not compensation for this review.

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