A Little Time and a Keyboard: The Voice Mondays

The Voice Mondays

Monday, February 13, 2012

My daughter is totally a fanatic about The Voice.  She likes to predict which team each singer will end up on, if any.  She admonishes the coaches when she doesn't agree with their choices.  She calls each coach by their first name with such familiarity that she must be good friends with them (in fact, I am certain that she is).  She must watch every episode and gets teary-eyed at the thought of missing any part of an episode (thank goodness for the advent of the DVR).

Thus, The Voice has really become must see TV in my house.  Due to the importance of this show (because the show is most certainly paramount), we have made watching The Voice into a family event.  When we first started watching it last year, we would make a cheese platter full of all sorts of cheeses, vegetables, fruit, and nuts to enjoy while watching the show.   Therefore, we could watch the show without interruption for dinner---yes, it is that important.  If we end up watching it during another time of day (which is rare because my daughter needs to see it), we like to have something special like popcorn or an ice cream sundae while watching it.  We like adding something special to really make it an event.  We all love watching the show and look forward to our family time each week.  It has been an easy way to make a family activity that is enjoyable to all of us.

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