A Little Time and a Keyboard: Brunswick Zone Bowling Party--a Psychedelic Time!

Brunswick Zone Bowling Party--a Psychedelic Time!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Today, my daughter went to a fun bowling party at Brunswick Zone.  All of the kids had a great time!

I think that a bowling party is a perfect idea for parties during the cooler months.  I love that it is something active.  My daughter, just like many of us, is quite the lazybones during the winter, so I jump at any chance to get her moving. 

The Brunswick Zone parties are pretty festive.  For the parties, they have "midnight" bowling effects.  All of the kids adorn themselves with glow necklaces and bracelets and have fun bowling in the disco lights.  There is a Party DJ that gets the kids hopping with various dance tunes.  The kids love to do the limbo and freeze dance among other fun party dances. 

The Party Host at the party we attended seemed to serve the pizza pretty quickly and seamlessly.  The kids were able to eat whenever they wanted to---allowing them to continue bowling and then come back for food when they had a break.  I think that worked really well because some kids do not want to break away from an activity to eat and others are hungry right away and want to eat instead of participating in the activity. 

You can bring your own cake to the party, which adds for a nice touch.  That way the special birthday child can choose their favorite cake for their birthday!  You can also bring a cookie cake and/or ice cream if you would like.  While you can bring your own cake, Brunswick Zone provides the paper goods--so no stress over themes!

You can bring your own goody bags, so you have the ability to add a personalized touch.  In addition, Brunswick Zone gives a bag of its own.  The Brunswick Zone bag comes with a coupon for a free game of bowling and some tokens for the arcade.   (I am not the biggest fan of the tokens.  My daughter always seems to have an issue in the arcade.  Either the games are too difficult or they don't work.  Fun times!)

Overall, I think that the Brunswick Zone is a good option for birthday parties.  The parties flow really well and the children have a great time participating in an activity together.  And, of course, there is no clean up---a wonderful thing!

For information about party options, check out Brunswick Zone's website.

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