A Little Time and a Keyboard: Time to Venture Out to the Volo Bog

Time to Venture Out to the Volo Bog

Monday, March 5, 2012

The turn of the seasons is calling me out of my self-imposed hibernation.  There are birds back in our birdhouse and the sun seems somehow a little brighter.  I am ready to get out!

Top on my list right now is an adventure to the Volo Bog in Volo, Illinois.  The bog has been designated a National Nature Landmark by the Department of the Interior and definitely fits the bill.  The preserve shows a beautiful progression of ecosystems.  I think that this time of year is the perfect time to visit.  Since the flora is largely devoid of foliage, you will have better luck seeing birds.

Here are some pictures I have taken in past visits to the bog to give you an idea of its beauty:

The bog is a serene setting that is always changing.  You never know what wildlife you are going to see!

My daughter loves to walk through the preserve looking for animals and flowers.  She also likes to try to identify leaves.  We love to go just to get away from our hectic lives for awhile.  The trails through the bog include some boardwalk sections.  My daughter is a particular fan of walking on the boardwalk!

The preserve also has a nature center.  The center has some interactive exhibits that are fun and educational.  The center is open Wednesday-Sunday from 9AM-3PM.

I am looking forward to a visit soon!

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