A Little Time and a Keyboard: Frontera Fresco: A Fresh, Quick-Service Option

Frontera Fresco: A Fresh, Quick-Service Option

Friday, March 9, 2012

Kat and I were out at Old Orchard Mall in Skokie today and decided to stop for a bite to eat.  We opted to try acclaimed chef Rick Bayless' quick-service restaurant, Frontera Fresco.  I found it to be a fresh option for some quick food while on a shopping trip.

We had some chips and guacamole.  One nice touch at Frontera Fresco--you can choose different toppings for your guacamole, one of which is bacon!  I liked the guacamole.  The chips had a lime taste-which I liked-- but were a little salty.

For lunch, I had the mushroom quesadilla.  It was made with three types of mushrooms--cremini, button, and shiitake--with poblano peppers.  Very yummy!

I enjoyed the food at Frontera Fresco and will definitely go back.  It is a good choice for a quick meal that does not taste as processed as your normal mall fare.  There are also a lot of Mexican favorites to choose from, which is pretty impressive for a quick-service restaurant.  The only complaint--the restaurant has very limited seating.  But, I am willing to overlook that for good food!

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