A Little Time and a Keyboard: Website Wednesday: Green Eggs & Moms

Website Wednesday: Green Eggs & Moms

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I absolutely love this blog run by Anne Mercado in the Philippines. Green Eggs & Moms is full of articles with a lot of useful parenting tips as well as topics that really ignite discussion. Anne's writing is really succinct yet very insightful. I look forward everyday to see what topic she has up for discussion.

Some recent discussions that can be found on Green Eggs & Moms include one about premastication (ala Alicia Silverstone) and one about 3 different parenting studies that turn out to not be so shocking. Anne also posts a lot of useful information like strategies for avoiding summer "brain drain" and ideas for chores for kids.

If you notice, Anne's blog also has a pretty lively forum for discussion. It is fun to see what other parents have to say about a topic and to share your thoughts.

Check out Green Eggs & Moms when you have a chance!

Eggs for thought. Photo via Wiki Commons.


  1. Melissa, thank you so much!!! I *really* appreciate this! Your words are soooo kind and umm, I can't wait to show this to my mom (seriously!!!). Sorry about all the exclamation points, I'm sure you know why they've been typed :)

  2. I totally agree. Her blog is very well done. :) I am so excited for her being featured! :)

    Nice pic choice btw. ;)

  3. I also love her site! Perfect for moms like me with small children.