A Little Time and a Keyboard: The F.A.B. 5k: A Community Ignited to Fight Breast Cancer

The F.A.B. 5k: A Community Ignited to Fight Breast Cancer

Friday, May 25, 2012

Community. With the advent of social media, many towns are losing their sense of community. However, there are times when the light of community shines as members come together for a great cause and to lift up those around them.

The F.A.B. 5k in Arlington Heights is one of these events. The F.A.B 5k is a local run/walk that raises funds to support breast cancer research. The F.A.B. 5k was started by four local running partners in 2010 to help lift the spirits of one of our own, Sarah Lopez, a Patton Elementary School mother who was fighting breast cancer. All of the runners, Lesley, Melanie, Bonnie, and Kelly, had been touched by breast cancer. In one month, March of 2010, all of the running partners were dealing with difficult emotions due to their loved ones' fights with breast cancer. Sarah was in the hospital with severe liver issues. Melanie's mom and Bonnie's sister passed away. Kelly's mom completed her last round of chemo after her second occurrence of breast cancer.   In the words of Lesley Delahanty, "Because we all love running and because we all felt powerless, we decided to try to do something positive in the face of so much hurt."

So, the race was born. Sarah chose the beneficiary of the race--The Breast Cancer Research Foundation--so that the funds raised would go directly to research aimed at helping women to fight the disease and be able to spend more time with their families. Sarah was at the first race, beaming. Lesley expresses it best: "If you could have seen the smile on her face - she had a fever and was still having liver issues, but I swear she was floating. She rode in the pace car that year. I honestly felt like I saw God at work that day."

Sarah lost her fight in December of 2010. But, the race and community has kept marching. There is a mission for this community--to find a cure, help our mothers, daughters, and sisters stay with us longer and to end this disease! The community has banded together through the F.A.B 5k to send an uplifting message that we can do something and we are doing it!

The F.A.B. 5k will be held on Sunday, June 10th this year. The race will start at 9 AM at Patton Elementary School following a course through the community. If you would like to walk, please check the race registration information on the F.A.B. 5k website. If you cannot attend, you can also enter the raffle for some great prizes and make a difference at the same time!

The race is a very moving, inspirational experience. The F.A.B. 5k has profiled many inspirations on their blog and website. Please check them out--you will be moved.

Why is my family walking? We are walking because we have seen cancer take way too many, way too soon. My father lost his fight to esophageal cancer 6 years ago. My sister and I both have had suspicious cysts on our ovaries. After going through those ranges of emotions, you know you have to do something. Cancer affects us all. Research advances in one cancer can help research for other cancers. This is a great community event to do something about cancer and to move closer to giving everyone more time with their families.


  1. I have seen cancer take people close to my hear too. Its a good course Mel, I can't join you from across these oceans, would have loved to.
    New follower from the blog walk-GFC and LINKY.

  2. I hear you! Cancer has taken from our family, too!